Kitsbow COVID-19 Helps Make Masks and Face Shields

3/24/2020 : sicklines

Face shields and masks have been needed to help fight COVID-19 and Kitsbow is helping out by making masks for the community. Details inside.

Kitsbow founder, Zander Nosler, is a Stanford University graduate and remains well-connected with the Stanford Design School alumni, which shared a design of a face shield from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Makerspace. An initial design was created by Kitsbow last Thursday, and after collecting feedback and design tweaks from local first responders, Kitsbow kicked mask production into high gear, with its first shipment going out today.

The first shields are going to Asheville-based Buncombe County Emergency Management and Burke County Emergency Management and the first masks are going to a medical clinic in Salem, Oregon that is cleaning disposable masks in order to reuse them.

Kitsbow is currently selling the masks at-cost to local first responders and medical staff, but plans to distribute internationally as they make more. Using raw materials on-hand, Kitsbow will continue making the masks and shields as long as they are needed. This also allows Kitsbow to keep its employees paid and working, unlike so many businesses throughout the country.

Kitsbow’s primary focus remains the health of its staff, families, and community.


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