Episode 2 – Chatel – A Dog’s Life – Brendan Fairclough

2/28/2020 : sicklines

In Episode 2 of “A Dog’s Life,” Brendan heads to the mountain resort town of Châtel in France to meet up with Vincent Tupin. Bombing down ski-slopes and ripping Vinny’s local spots down to the lake, follow along as these two show us a thing or two about riding bikes very, very fast.

Video: Aspect Media
Photos: Maxime Rambaud

, Episode 2 – Chatel – A Dog’s Life – Brendan Fairclough

Ep. 2 – Châtel,

Miss episode 1? Check it out.

Following on from the huge success of DEATHGRIP, the new series explores the fun and stylish, zero-limits riding of Brendog and his crew. Jump on board and travel the world to some of the most unique and coolest riding locations the planet has to offer, from the French Alps to the South African wilderness.

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