Video: Kyle Rips on the 2007 Transition Bottlerocket

1/30/2020 : sicklines

The Bottlerocket was a hit in 2007 and Kyle and the Transition crew put together a new video featuring this 26 classic.

Video & Photos: Skye Schillhammer

The infamous Bottlerocket. Some of you may remember this bike as an instant favorite. For those that don’t remember it, the playfulness and all around capability of this bike went on to inspire much of what we have designed into our trail bikes of today. So we thought it would be a fun idea to grab the PBR edition Bottlerocket and head back to the woods in Maple Ridge, BC where we shot the original Bottlerocket product video on the Woodlot trails.

Follow along with Kyle (co-owner) as he revisits some of the old stunts he hit in 2007 and rides some of the revamped trails people are still riding.

Bike build details: When we dreamed up making this video, we originally had planned to build a new bike with the last Bottlerocket frame we have in stock. Alas, the difficulties of finding the parts needed amounted to be more than we wanted to get into, so we hopped on the Pinkbike BuySell and found this PBR beauty for sale in Maple Ridge for $600 bucks. We got it back to the HQ, swapped a fresh set of Juicy 7’s on it (thanks to TR Product manager Sam who still had a set), some fresh Kenda H-Factor tires, and away we went. Although slightly small, Kyle was right at home within a couple turns.

, Video: Kyle Rips on the 2007 Transition Bottlerocket


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