Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

12/7/2019 : sicklines

We’re a sucker for a good toolbox and Brad Kelly has a very tidy one that has won the 2019 Toolbox Wars competition.  Check it out inside.

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Brad’s Toolbox – Video

Brad Kelly (@IG Bee_Kay77) has been a bicycle mechanic since 1993 so he’s spent some time to fine tuning his craft.

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

He has been a mechanic for Jill Kintner for the 2017 and 2018 World Crankworx series. In order to finish first, you first have to finish and Brad certainly helped her bike work well during that time. Kintner  did quite well taking wins in many races and the overall Queen of Crankworx title both years.

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour
Photo: James Stokoe | Crankworx – Whistler Pump Track 2019

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

Brad is the 2018 toolbox wars world champ and recently won the 2019 toolbox wars toolbox of the year titles.

He has raced downhill from 1996 to approximately 2015 where he has taken DH state round wins and titles including many National DH round podiums and wins.
His current bike is a 2020 Specialized Enduro Comp S4

  • Canecreek double barrel CS 205 x 65
  • Fox 36 180mm grip2 damper
  • Magura Raceline brakes 203mm rotors
  • Hand built DT/Stans EX3 wheels
  • 10sp Shimano drivetrain

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

Which brings us to the topic of his latest mobile toolbox. This man is meticulous and enjoys his craft. Many professional bike mechanics have to work at remote venues to support their riders so it’s important they have the right tools for the job. Many of them use Pelican style cases to organize and transport their tools. Brad’s setup uses a customized gun case that he’s clearly spent a lot of time curating and refining.

It features pneumatic lifts, trays, and custom foam cut-outs to house each tool he has elected to have in his mobile toolkit. Each tool has a place and he designed the cutouts to allow tools rock inward in lieu of finger holes. Some of the tools on the back board are held with magnets or clips.

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

By layering the EVA foam he is able to get good support for the tools to stay in place but they can rock inward when needed to allow them to be removed easily. The lack of finger holes also lets him get more tools in his layout. It’s a labor of love.
, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

As you can see there are a lot of tools here. The top panel is ribbed with aluminum and folds forward to reveal additional tools on the back side like a hole puncher, lockring tools, tire trimmer, du bushing tool, zip tie tool, and more.

Many of these tools aren’t cheap but many are available through your local bike store or Amazon. The Powerbuilt T-handle Hex wrench set at $59 is one of many items we’ve seen in many recent mechanics box builds.
, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

Full tool list



  • Abbey 16 notch BB socket (Hollowtech2/GXP)
  • Abbey 12 notch BB socket (Sram DUB)
  • Mini Maglite torch
  • Enduro bearing press with full set of drifts
  • Stanley hacksaw blade handle with metal and Park tools carbon blades
  • PB Swiss 90mm file handle with Nicholson 2nd cut half round file
  • Park tools BBT-9 16 notch hollowtech2/GXP and locking spanner (mainly for
  • centerlock rotors)
  • PB Swiss pin punches 4,6 and 8mm
  • Abbey suspension socket set 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32mm
  • 54mm 2 metre measuring tape
  • Park tools spoke tension gauge
  • Park tools hydraulic hose barb press
  • Park tools hydraulic hose cutter
  • Syringe with light grease (mainly for gear cables)
  • Syringe with carbon paste
  • Stainless steel oiler pen
  • Park tools IR 1.2 internal cable routing kit
  • Marvis black tooth brush
  • Round and flat needle files
  • Scalpel
  • Wera 3/8″ bit holder
  • Bleeding syringes and fittings
  • Park tools BBT-10.2 adjusting cap tool (hollowtech2)
  • Assortment of spare bolts, washers, shims, valves/stems, brake hose fittings, headset
  • spacers, star nuts, saftey pins, razor blades, batteries, cable ties ect
  • Bic lighter
  • Wurth super fast glue
  • Loctite 242
  • Smoove chain lube cable ferrules, crimps, bleed blocks


You’ve made it this far.. you’re clearly a fan of a solid tool setup. Give a follow to Bee_Kay77 and toolboxwars. Abbey Bike Tools is also running a toolbox contest as well!

, Brad Kelly’s Professional Mobile Toolbox Tour

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