Cane Creek : Valt Progressive-Rate Springs for Shocks & All-Black DBcoil IL

12/5/2019 : sicklines

Cane Creek announces progressive-rate springs for shocks and an all-black DBcoil IL. If you’re considering adding a coil to your bike but it was designed around an air spring this may of interest to you!

Asheville, NC –

Cane Creek Cycling Components is proud to announce the addition of progressive-rate springs to their line of lightweight VALT shock springs. To mark their expansion into progressive springs, Cane Creek has also released a version of their popular DBcoil IL rear shock in an all-black finish.

Progressive-rate springs provide an increase in spring-rate as the shock moves through its travel. This gives the shock a more progressive feel – similar to that of an air shock – while retaining the improved engagement and traction characteristics of a coil. These springs allow riders to use coil shocks – such as Cane Creek’s DBcoil IL and DBcoil CS – on bikes not otherwise suited for the linear nature of a coil.

Our new Progressive-Rate VALT spring can offer riders an option to use a coil shock on a bike that might not have been ideal for coil shocks in the past. Because of the lack of ramp up a traditional coil spring has, certain frames bottom out easily. We have worked to bridge this gap with our new Progressive-Rate VALT springs which are designed and tuned by our engineering team to provide riders with a true rise-in-rate spring curve. Our Progressive-Rate VALT springs maintain the off-the-top sensitivity of a traditional coil set up, and add the progressiveness and ramp-up usually found in an air spring.

, Cane Creek : Valt Progressive-Rate Springs for Shocks & All-Black DBcoil IL

Trek Fuel

, Cane Creek : Valt Progressive-Rate Springs for Shocks & All-Black DBcoil IL

Santa Cruz Nomad

Cane Creek progressive-rate springs are available in both 55mm and 65mm stroke lengths with weight ranges varying from 400lbs – 488lbs to 500lbs – 610lbs and feature a distinct white finish.

The all-black DBcoil IL is available in limited quantities and select sizes and features a gloss black damper tube in place of the gold damper tube. The shock is otherwise identical to the critically-acclaimed, twin-tube inline coil – packing all of the function of a piggyback shock into a lighter and slimmer package.

, Cane Creek : Valt Progressive-Rate Springs for Shocks & All-Black DBcoil IL

Progressive rate springs retail for $100 and the all-black DBcoil IL retails for $460. Both products are available starting today at www.canecreek.com and wherever Cane Creek products are sold.

, Cane Creek : Valt Progressive-Rate Springs for Shocks & All-Black DBcoil IL

For more information about progressive vs linear spring and coil vs air suspension, visit www.canecreek.com/coil-shock-or-air-shock/

Progressive-Rate VALT Spring Options:

  1. 55MM X 400-488LB
  2. 55MM X 450-550LB
  3. 55MM X 500-610LB
  4. 65MM X 400-488LB
  5. 65MM X 450-550LB
  6. 65MM X 500-610LB

Black Dbcoil IL Configuration Options:

  • 200/57 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 210/55 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 216/63 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 200/50 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 210/50 – FACTORY TUNE
  • 210/50 – STUMPJUMPER 29 2019
  • 210/52.5 – STUMPJUMPER 27.5 2019

About Cane Creek Cycling Components

Cane Creek Cycling Components is a manufacturer of premium cycling products headquartered in Fletcher, NC. The company was founded in 1974 as the North American headquarters of Japanese brake manufacturer Dia-Compe. In the early 1990’s the company was renamed Cane Creek Cycling Components and was subsequently purchased by its employees. Over the years, Cane Creek has introduced several groundbreaking products – including the original AheadSet threadless headset and the revolutionary Double Barrel Shock.


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