TRP DH7 Drivetrain Released

9/4/2019 : sicklines

TRP has launched a new 7speed drivetrain system including a shifter and rear derailleur. Details inside from TRP.


, TRP DH7 Drivetrain Released

The ongoing competition amongst the best mechanics in the world during a World Cup season is to build the quietest bike on the track. John Hall identified the movement of the derailleur around the B-knuckle as one of the points for improvement. This inspired John‘s idea to lock the B-knuckle to the bike‘s derailleur hanger.

, TRP DH7 Drivetrain Released

TRP engineers worked closely with Hall to create the Hall Lock feature. The Hall Lock is a lever integrated into the mount, which can be opened or closed, as needed. When working on the derailleur or changing the wheel, the Hall Lock is opened. When closed, the derailleur is locked to the frame and is stabilized in the roughest conditions. This feature helps maintain the utmost accuracy in shifting and superb chain retention. Its clamping force can be adjusted to balance stability and security with the derailleur’s ability to deflect on impact.

, TRP DH7 Drivetrain Released

Depending on the suspension layout of the bike, there can be different amounts of chain growth. This is why the team designed adjustability into TRP‘s ratchet style clutch. If a rider wants to free up the system, they can back off the clutch to balance pedal feedback with the clutch’s chain retaining properties

TRP Shifter

, TRP DH7 Drivetrain Released

Ergonomics are key to Aaron and he wanted something different for a reason. In addition to adjustability, TRP engineers looked at the cable release lever’s ergonomics and devised a system to move it in a linear path to mimic the motion of a rider’s thumb rather than rotating away. This unique ergonomic allows for more consistent thumb contact and overall better grip and shifting performance when the trail gets rowdy.


  • Shift levers designed and located for optimum performance by Aaron Gwin
  • Enhanced grip & tactile feel built into lever paddles: embossed grooves on advance and release lever
  • Carbon fiber upper housing & advance lever
  • Ball bearing equipped
  • 7 speed
  • Tool-free straight lace cable changes
  • Rider adjustable home position of lower lever with a 40-degree range

TRP DH7 Price Retail
TRP DH7– Rear Derailleur
USD179,9 0
€ 169,90

TRP DH7–Shift Lever
USD 119,99
€ 109,90


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