2019 Marzocchi Bomber Z1, Bomber 58, Transfer Seatpost

4/10/2018 : sicklines

Marzocchi is proud to announce a 2019 lineup. They’ve gone through some changes and they’re charging hard into 2019 with some new products. With the Ride FOX brand taking over they’re able to benefit greatly. Priced at $999USD for a dual crown bomber and $699 for the Z1 these will be quite compelling for many riders.

Marzocchi was founded on moto-inspired suspension performance and durability. Weight was never as important to the brand and Marzocchi “remains true to these guiding principles” today.

We’re not all racers. Marzocchi builds robust suspension and products for trail
rides, shuttle runs, bike park laps, racers balling on a budget and because ‘we’ all
need our suspension fork to work great lap-after-lap, day-in, day-out.

Marzocchi will re-enter the bicycle suspension category with high-performance,
high-value products at economical prices.

  • FOX remains the pinnacle product for those looking for the most advanced suspension technologies and at-any-cost feature implementation.
  • Marzocchi benefits from the sharing of proven technology and high-quality FOX
    manufacturing capabilities.

Marzocchi goes on to elaborate that their riders like the FOX rider wants world-class suspension performance but in a more price conscious package.  They still are hardcore riders that spend many hours in the park or saddle and are willing to give up some things like weight and more bang for the buck.

2019 Lineup includes Bomber Z1, Transfer seat post, and Bomber 58.

, 2019 Marzocchi Bomber Z1, Bomber 58, Transfer Seatpost

Bomber Z1

A icon returns. In 1997, the Marzocchi Bomber Z1 burst onto the scene and bucked all contemporary trends. The flavors of that decade included rubber springs and feathery weights.

The Z1 brought oil, coils and massive stanchions—it unapologetically prioritized grip and ride quality over just about everything else. The return of Z1 brings back these same priorities in a robust 6000-series alloy 36mm chassis with a super plush air spring and proven GRIP damper.

, 2019 Marzocchi Bomber Z1, Bomber 58, Transfer Seatpost

  • 36mm single crown chassis with new Marzocchi BomberZ1 lower legs
  • 15QRx110 mm Boost with option of QR or tooled axle
  • 1.5-inch tapered steerer tube
  • FIT GRIP Sweep damper with adjustable compression and rebound damping
  • EVOL air spring with adjustable volume
  • Gloss Red (29”/170mm, 27.5”/180mm) or Matte Black graphics

Travel options:

  • 29/27.5+” – 130-170mm in 10mm increments
  • 27.5” – 150-180mm in 10mm increments
  • Price: $699USD

Marzocchi Bomber 58

Marzocchi’s new Bomber 58 puts FIT GRIP damper and EVOL air spring technologies within the reach of all gravity riders. The NEW chassis features 40mm upper tubes and a new lower casting for 27.5in wheels with a 20x110mm DH (non-Boost) axle.

The updated FIT GRIP damper sports compression and rebound adjustments refined for better sensitivity, traction and mid-stroke control. The EVOL air spring offers a plush beginning stroke and easy tuning of air pressure and spring volumes to fit any rider weight or riding style.

, 2019 Marzocchi Bomber Z1, Bomber 58, Transfer Seatpost

  • New 40mm chassis with Marzocchi specific lower casting
  • Proven FIT GRIP damper with compression and rebound adjustment
  • EVOL air spring with adjustable volume and air negative spring
  • Gloss Red or Matte Black graphics
    Travel options and wheel sizes:
  • 27.5” wheel size for 20×110 DH axles (non-boost) – 203mm travel
  • Price: $999USD


Marzocchi Transfer Seatpost

The Marzocchi Transfer seatpost is a bomber dropper post option and a perfect complement to the new Bomber Z1 suspension fork. This Marzocchi branded Transfer seat post sports three travel options, all with an infinitely adjustable stroke. It comes with a choice of internal or external cable routing and two remote options. The low lever force and great modulation make it easy to regulate return speed and small height adjustments while out shredding trail.

  • Cable actuated with tool-free disconnect for easier installation and removal
  • Low lever force provides consistent actuation pressure even with saddle weighted or un-weighted
  • Easy to modulate return speed with lever
  • Two remote options: left side below bar (1x) or left/right on bar (for 2x/3x)
  • 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameters
  • Travel options: 4” (100mm), 5” (125mm), 6” (150mm)
  • Upper post finish: Black Ano
  • Price: $294USD



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