Event: Windrock Pro GRT Track Walk

3/8/2018 : sicklines

, Event: Windrock Pro GRT Track Walk

The 2018 Pro Gravity Tour kicks off with the first stop at Windrock Bike Park in Oliver Springs, TN. See what’s in store for the riders inside.

For those of you familiar with Windrock the course for this year goes down a modified Middle Finger. Neko and the crew have been busy building whoops, jumps, step-downs, and much more. SRAM and FOX have been testing here recently and this track will keep riders on their toes.

This first stop of the 2018 Pro GRT series and it’s a UCI C1 race which means there are important points for those looking to race world cups.

, Event: Windrock Pro GRT Track Walk

The uplift system is a combination of converted school busses and trucks. The trucks have a nice trailer that keeps the bikes safe and riders comfy in the modified bed. Too bad there’s no wind screen on days like today! Riders were allowed to freeride on the mountain (race course excluded) and course walk today.

, Event: Windrock Pro GRT Track Walk

The start ramp for the Windrock Pro Gravity is official. FOX is presenting the race this year and things are looking pretty sweet in the paddock and on the hill. Dakotah Norton posing in-between the snow flurries.

, Event: Windrock Pro GRT Track Walk

Windrock has lots of exposed roots, logs, jagged rocks, and plenty of dirt.

, Event: Windrock Pro GRT Track Walk

No one knows that better than perhap Dakotah Norton who is posing next to a section they’ve dubbed Dickeater’s Disaster due to a mishap Dakotah had while training with Neko. Check out the mishap on Neko’s Instagram.

, Event: Windrock Pro GRT Track Walk

There are plenty of line choices for riders to pick from in just about every corner.

One of the newer big features on the trail is this stepdown near the bottom of the course that is just after a bunch of whoops.

, Event: Windrock Pro GRT Track Walk

Riders and spectators are in for a treat this weekend as Danny Hart, Greg Minnaar, Neko Mulally, Logan Bingelli, Dakotah Norton and many more are in attendance for the Pro GRT kickoff.

Be careful out there on the trail and while driving. This poor GMC owner managed to almost put his truck in the ditch!

Yesterday the temperatures were in the high 50s and today there was some snow flurries flying about. Friday is supposed to be sunny and some clouds on Saturday. Possible rain Friday-Sunday!


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