In the Valley of the Sun

10/19/2017 : toni

In the Valley of the Sun

By Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Stretching through high mountain meadows and down deep winding valleys, the trails of Sun Valley, Idaho are absolutely world class. The trails themselves hold a special feeling, built from the legacy of pioneers and visionaries exploring the region. Rocky Mountain Bicycles’ athletes, Thomas Vanderham and Sam Schultz, set out with their sights set on singletrack, tapping into their instinct for adventure.

“Spending a week exploring Sun Valley with Sam Schultz on the new Rocky Mountain Instinct was somewhat of a blur. Not just because chasing an Olympian up mountains at altitude is tough business, but because I quickly realized that there’s a lot more to Sun Valley than the picture perfect single track it’s famous for.” – Thomas Vanderham

, In the Valley of the Sun

Mining, farming, and tourism have swept through Blaine County to meet the changing demands of passing decades. Adaptation and perseverance has kept Sun Valley alive, and forward thinking has led to developments such as the world’s first chairlift in 1936. Connecting with the area in a more traditional sense, American legends like Ernest Hemmingway lived out his life here, hunting and exploring the Wood River Valley, with an inspired take on the natural surroundings.

, In the Valley of the Sun

“Even after we rode some of the local classics, shredded new purpose-built singletrack, and climbed into the alpine to stay in a local piece of mountain history, it felt like we had just scratched the surface. I can’t believe how much fun I’ve had riding the new Instinct. I was blown away by how effortlessly the bike carries speed, while improvements to the geometry and stiffness keep it nimble and stable. Next time I’ll have to come for month, and I probably still won’t run out of trails to ride.” – Thomas Vanderham

, In the Valley of the Sun

The Pioneer Cabin was built by the Sun Valley Company in 1937 to help increase accessibility for skiers in the Pioneer Mountains. Ascending more than 23 relentless switchbacks through both wide-open grasslands and thick forest, the statement painted on the roof of the cabin, “the higher you get the higher you get,” is awfully matter of fact. The cabin builder, Averell Harriman, decided that the remote area around Sun Valley would be the perfect location for staging adventures, allowing people to spend more time exploring the backcountry.

, In the Valley of the Sun

“Living in Missoula, MT, I have no shortage of pristine, buffed out singletrack right out my back door. The big difference in Sun Valley is the immense quantity of trail and the ability to ride right from town and get deep into the rugged mountains surrounding the valley. It had been awhile since my last visit, which was in 2012 and I managed to take the win at the XC National Championships.” – Sam Schultz

, In the Valley of the Sun

The world has become a smaller place, yet the opportunity for creative rides and unlikely trail connections are still very real in Sun Valley. In a combination of paper maps and downloadable apps, navigating legacy routes is a harmonious blend of historical and modern adventure.

, In the Valley of the Sun

“I knew the trails were sweet and I was pumped to head there for more exploration on a bike designed for exactly the type of riding that has inspired me the most lately. The Instinct and I immediately felt like a match made in heaven. It was the perfect blend of Altitude and Element; fast feeling 29″ wheels, plenty of travel to ride aggressively, rocket-like efficiency, all in a nimble package that is quite simply put, incredibly fun,” says Sam Schultz. “I’ve admired Thomas’ riding in videos for years, watching in awe while grinding on an indoor trainer all winter as a 16-year old racing fanatic. I was truly blown away to see his precision on the trail in real life. Every turn,technical feature, and jump was nailed with absolute perfection.”

, In the Valley of the Sun

“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” – Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway was an American Novelist and Nobel Prize winner who moved to, and was buried in Ketchum, Idaho.

Presented by Rocky Mountain Bicycles Featuring the all-new Instinct

A Film by Liam Mullany

Cinematography by Liam Mullany & Andre Nutini

Featuring Thomas Vanderham & Sam Schultz

Edited by Liam Mullany & David Peacock

Colour by Sam Gilling

Sound Design by Keith White Audio

Typography by Mike Taylor

Photography by Margus Riga

Thanks to Gabe Schroeder, Sun Valley Resort


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