Video: Santa Cruz Bicycles – Lourdes – Episode 1

5/15/2017 : sicklines

, Video: Santa Cruz Bicycles – Lourdes – Episode 1
Santa Cruz Bicycles has some new recruits on the Syndicate this year. Follow along in Episode #1 as they embark on UCI WC #1 in Lourdes.

Loris Vergier Fast and Focused on the Lourdes Track
It’s a new season with new recruits! Go behind the scenes during the undercover testing of the 29er V10, catch Greg and Marshy in their formal dresses, and see what happens when the lads hit Lourdes and race day goes from picture perfect to muddy nightmare in a heartbeat.

Read more at https://www.santacruzbicycles.com/en-US/news/The-Syndicate-2017-Episode-1-29-V10


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