UR Team Adds Kenta Gallagher To Their Team

12/26/2016 : sicklines

, UR Team Adds Kenta Gallagher To Their Team

Kenta Gallagher is the new Polygon UR rider. Deatils inside from UR Team.

” I’m so happy to have an opportunity on a team like this so early into my downhill career. I had planned 3 years maximum to get on a team so for it to come after the second season I’m so happy! Mainly the backing and support at races that I think will push me forward and the chance to ride with everyone in a team environment should be great! Roll on 2017! Well excited! “

Fabien Cousiné – Team owner / Rider :

” Last year hiring the fastest privateer rider of the circuit was a really good decision because with Alexandre Fayolle we’ve got some amazing results with even a world cup podium and i have a similar feeling for Kenta !

As a former privateer world cup racer i remember the struggle , so what Kenta has done in just 2 years is to me something really special .

For Kenta to step back from a professional XC career with a stable life to having to work part time in a cafe to go race DH as a privateer is to me one the highest sign of passion and dedication for the sports that i ever seen.

So that is a real pleasure to support him and i’m very confident that Kenta will fit perfectly in the ” Dream Ride Share ” team spirit with his positive , laid back and hard working attitude . ”

Welcome to the Polygon ?UR Team? family Kenta Gallagher? !
Kenta has already won a XC Eliminator world cup as a professional XC rider but 2 years ago he decided to stop XC to follow his dream of racing Downhill.
In only 2 years Kenta became the fastest privateer racer in the world with already top 20 results !
This is what we call passion, stopping everything to do what you really love.
Bring on 2017 and enjoy watching Kenta shredding all kinds of bikes!


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