Chasing Trail Episode 6 Philippines – Scott Sports

10/21/2016 : sicklines

Scott Sports has beamed over their latest video from their Chasing Trail series. Follow along as they travel to the Philippines for a good time.

, Chasing Trail Episode 6 Philippines – Scott Sports


As far as places go you would be hard pushed to find somewhere more different to the UK than the Philippines, landing in Manila rips the comfort zone right out from underneath you. Gone are the normal western customs, humidity is king of the weather even in deepest winter and the traffic is mind boggling.

Heading out of the airport we could not be happier to have guides Iztok, Bans and Tena by our side. The Philippines as a country is made up of over seven thousand islands. With the western isles being a relative no go zone for foreigners due to kidnapping, pirates and a whole host of other things that didn’t sound too appealing. We were relieved to hear that our trail hunting mission was taking us north through the rice fields towards sun baked Narvacan. Read more about the trip.


Read the full recap of the episode at https://www.scott-sports.com/us/en/page/chasing-trail-ep6-philippines


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