Liv’s New 2017 Womens Mountain Bikes – 160mm Hail , Pique, Embolden

6/30/2016 : sicklines

For 2017, LIV has some new bikes for the ladies including a new women’s specific 160mm travel Enduro bike, a trail/xc Pique, and a shorter travel trail/xc Embolden bike.  Details inside from LIV.

, Liv’s New 2017 Womens Mountain Bikes – 160mm Hail , Pique, Embolden
2017 Liv Hail  

Headlining Liv’s 2017 off-road offering, the all-new Hail series is the first 160mm travel enduro and all-mountain bike truly designed from the ground up for women. Hail features 160mm travel on Giant’s proven Maestro suspension technology to handle the roughest trails. Select models features Advanced Composite frame construction for the ultimate balance of low weight and strength.



Advanced Composite and Aluminum models ready for the most technical descents

Liv, the cycling brand dedicated solely to the female rider, is proud to introduce the all-new 2017 Hail series – the industry’s first 160mm travel all-mountain and enduro racing bikes made from the ground up for women. Previously absent in the ranks of women’s performance mountain bikes, the Liv reaches 160mm travel sweet spot with both Advanced Composite and ALUXX Aluminum and Advanced Composite frame options in the Hail series.

Hail features 160mm travel on Giant’s leading Maestro suspension technology. Serving Liv bikes, Maestro suspension uses a floating pivot point for perfectly tuned suspension that creates efficient pedaling. This technology was enhanced in 2017, with the all-new Trunnion shock mount to lower the rider’s center of gravity and shorten the chainstay for better handling, efficiency and agility. This addition can be found on all Hail models, allowing the rider to corner more predictably and hold her line through speed-sucking rock gardens.

Hail Advanced bikes are handcrafted with a women’s-specific Advanced-grade composite lay-up and come complete with another suspension upgrade new to 2017 Liv Maestro platform bikes. To match its compliant frame, Hail Advanced’s upper rocker arm is created with Advanced Forged Composite Technology, a high pressure molding process that creates complex shapes in multi-directional carbon layups for maximum strength and lightness. While built to descend, this lightweight Advanced Composite frame has improved power transfer through the stout PowerCore bottom bracket for pedaling efficiency and climbing prowess.

With its 3F design philosophy, Liv designs off-road products that offer the best fit for the female rider. Through global body dimension databases and product testing with elite athletes like Leigh Donovan, Katie Holden and Lindsey Voreis, Liv creates a bike that acknowledges industry trends and now charters a course of its own for the most discerning female mountain bikers.

The Hail, like other models in Liv’s 2017 premium off-road lineup, offer frames that are compatible with the latest the industry has to offer—like boost hub spacing that improves stiffness, trail handling and provides increased tire clearance for riders who prefer wider rims and tires.

Liv’s research shows that many women do not want to  compromise when it comes to components. Enter Hail Advanced 0.  From its lightweight carbon frame, short stem, wide handlebars and beefy tires, to the aggressive 130-160 mm RockShox Lyric RCT3 fork, 160 mm RockShox Deluxe RC3 shock and SRAM X01 Eagle 1X12 drivetrain, Hail Advanced 0 will deliver when it comes to big drops, rocky ruts or long climbs.

“As a woman, bike brands have historically offered us models that often times were not capable of doing it all and that is where the Hail comes in: finally, a bike—in my opinion—that gives me the flexibility to take an easy ride with my parents and 10-year-old daughter, ride my local cross country trails or shred black diamond downhill trails in some of my favorite spots in the world,” said World Champion downhiller, Liv ambassador and mountain bike coach, Leigh Donovan. Leigh called on a wealth of mountain bike industry knowledge and experience in research and design to give Liv feedback that helped develop the Hail into what she considers her dream bike.

Hail Advanced and Hail aluminum models are true enduro and all-mountain bike products in Liv’s 2017 performance off-road lineup that also features Pique, Embolden and Obsess. The Hail series includes the composite Hail Advanced 0 and Hail Advanced 1 and the ALUXX aluminum Hail 1 and Hail 2.

 2017 Liv Pique
, Liv’s New 2017 Womens Mountain Bikes – 160mm Hail , Pique, Embolden

The new Pique series is a versatile trail bike capable of everything from quick XC rides to technical trails. Featuring lightweight Advanced-grade composite models and ALUXX aluminum frames, Pique satisfies the rider who is looking to up her game. Designed with 120mm of Maestro suspension, Pique balances efficiency and technical capability.



All-new design debuts with 120mm of race-ready cross country suspension

Liv, the cycling brand dedicated to the female cyclist, unleashes the Pique series, the all-new performance XC racing and trail riding bikes for 2017. Featuring lightweight Advanced-grade composite and ALUXX, Pique satisfies the rider who is looking to up her game on challenging XC terrain. Following the success of Liv’s Lust, evolution yields the new and improved XC race and trail bike, Pique, which steps up the suspension to 120mm, features wider boost spacing, and brings the addition of the Pique SX with a 140mm fork.

Using the 3F design philosophy, Liv’s engineering team designed the Pique to offer the best fit for women—a process that involves analyzing global body dimension studies and product testing with professional mountain bikers like Leigh Donovan, Katie Holden and Lindsey Voreis.

Pique Advanced composite models feature a women’s-specific carbon lay-up perfectly tuned for stiffness that creates power and trail dampening compliance where women need it most. New to Liv’s composite off-road line-up this year is the addition of a carbon upper rocker arm made with Advanced Forged Composite Technology, a high pressure molding process that creates complex shapes in multi-directional carbon layups for maximum strength and lightness. The Pique has updated Maestro suspension technology, which is mounted in a Trunnion mount to shorten the chainstay and lower the center of gravity for better handling, and increased efficiency and agility.

Liv strives to make bikes to fit the needs of every woman, which is why Pique is offered in a wide range of models, from the approachable Pique 3, to the Pique Advanced 0—with the latest and greatest components like SRAM Eagle XX1 1×12 Drivetrains and premium RockShox RS-1 forks. Fast up, fast down; Pique is the versatile cross country or trail riding bike with an affinity for speed, aimed to help each rider achieve her peak performance.

Pique Advanced and Pique join Liv’s 2017 off-road lineup that features newcomers Hail, Embolden and returning favorite, Obsess. Liv’s 2017 premium off-road lineup, offer frames that are compatible with the latest the industry has to offer—like boost hub spacing that improves stiffness, trail handling and provides increased tire clearance for riders who prefer wider rims and tires.

The Pique series is comprehensive and structured to meet the needs of a broad range of female mountain bikers. Pique Advanced composite bikes are available in three model specifications: Pique Advanced 0, Pique Advanced 1 and Pique Advanced 2. The ALUXX aluminum Pique is available also in three model specifications: Pique 1, Pique 2, Pique 3. The Pique SX, with a longer travel 140mm fork, is available in both Advanced composite and ALUXX aluminum options: Pique Advanced SX, Pique SX.


2017 Liv Embolden 
, Liv’s New 2017 Womens Mountain Bikes – 160mm Hail , Pique, Embolden

The Embolden is an all-new series of trail/XC mountain bikes for 2017; delivering full-suspension performance at a great value. High-quality ALUXX aluminum construction delivers a light weight and durable frame while FlexPoint Suspension System offers premium performance without complication. Embolden will unleash the bold in the rider who wants tougher off-road cycling adventures, be it her first fling on dirt or an upgrade to full suspension.



With 120mm of front and rear suspension, this bike brings adventure onto the trails

Liv, the cycling brand dedicated to the female cyclist, introduces the all-new, aggressively priced Embolden full Embolden enters the Liv 2017 off-road lineup as an affordable full suspension mountain bike alongside the new Hail and Pique, completing the line-up. Now every mountain biker, regardless of level and discipline, has a bike built for her.

Using the 3F design philosophy to optimize fit, form and function of the bike, Liv’s engineering team designed the Embolden to offer the best fit for women. This process analyzes global body dimension studies in combination with product testing with professional riders.

Embolden bikes are built with ALUXX aluminum technology creating a lightweight and durable frame. Each model featuresFlexPoint Suspension System, which employs a flexing chainstay and seat stay to eliminate pivots and linkages to provide efficiency, lighter weight and durability that is easy to maintain. The shocks on all models offer firm/medium/soft compression control and rebound tuning. Embolden 1 brings a dropper seatpost, and all models have a lower stand-over height to ease body maneuvers on the bike and dismounts. The 27.5-inch wheel size ensures bike handling remains nimble and playful while still providing a stable ride. With an active feel, plenty of traction and hydraulic disc brakes, Embolden is ready to empower women on the dirt.

Embolden is offered in two models, the Embolden 1 and Embolden 2.

Learn more at https://www.liv-cycling.com/


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