Rampage Returns to Raw MTB Freeriding for 2016 – Virigin UT October 14th, 2016

6/23/2016 : sicklines

, Rampage Returns to Raw MTB Freeriding for 2016  – Virigin UT October 14th, 2016

The 2016 Red Bull Rampage is set for October 14th. There’s a new location in Virgin, UT for the vent this year. No power tools allowed. Some details and a sneak peek video inside.

check out the video:

Back to roots
For the 11th edition, riders will interact with the mountain in the same way the event’s pioneers did back in 2001 — without power tools.
As the only mountain bike contest where each competitor creates his own path down the hill, Rampage 2016 will provide a blank canvas of opportunity for each rider, and their two-member dig teams. This year, there will be four build days and four practice days before finals.
“There will be no qualifier event this year,” confirms 2015 eighth-place finisher Darren Berrecloth. “So it’s going to be a more intimate event — less riders, less controversy about line choice.”

21 riders
The contest will have 21 of the top freeride athletes: The top 12 riders from 2015 receive automatic entries to finals with nine “wild cards” chosen by the Rampage selection committee of past athletes and community leaders.
Athletes will be selected based on the following criteria: Past Rampage results, results from similar contests, current video parts, etc. Final selection will be made on August 1, 2016, at 9 a.m. PST.
Contest updates
New for the first time, the judging panel will all be previous Rampage competitors to ensure accuracy of results, as well as a two-day weather window to allow athletes the best and safest conditions possible.

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