OTTO DesignWorks – Derailleur Setup With A Smart Phone

5/31/2016 : sicklines

, OTTO DesignWorks – Derailleur Setup With A Smart Phone


We love tech over here at SickLines and if you’ve struggled with setting up your derailleurs, the OTTO solution may be what you’ve been looking for. For a seasoned mechanic this may seem novel but there’s a lot of people out there who could benefit from this technology including training employees, consumer usage, troubleshooting, and more. Learn more about it inside from Otto.

Precise Instruction for Home Bicycle Maintenance

PORTLAND, OR – OTTO DesignWorks (http://ottodesignworks.com) removes the mystery, and at times, frustration associated with home bicycle maintenance. OTTO has developed the industry’s first voice-guided iPhone vision tool and app that will check and guide adjustment of a rear derailleur in a matter of minutes.

, OTTO DesignWorks – Derailleur Setup With A Smart Phone

OTTO released a beta version in July 2015 to converse directly with cyclists of all levels, gauging wants and needs regarding an app-based derailleur tuning system. From this feedback, OTTO incorporated and just released OTTO Tuning System 2.0 – the premiere method to check and adjust your bicycle shifting with confidence.

Designed in conjunction with professional cyclists and mechanics, OTTO’s ease of use and step-by-step voice guided instructions make checking your shifting simple and painless. Both Enthusiasts and experienced cyclists can take advantage of the intuitive and precise instruction that will get you back in the saddle fast, or give your local bike shop (LBS) details on the exact issue.

, OTTO DesignWorks – Derailleur Setup With A Smart Phone

  • New in OTTO Tuning System 2.0:
    A New Check Feature that provides a thorough assessment of your shifting and derailleur angles in approximately 30 seconds.
    Compatibility with Shimano and SRAM 9-11 Speed components.
    Now compatible with not only road bikes, but nearly all 2X MTB drivetrains.
    Redesigned user interface: After taking all the feedback received from beta version 1.0, new interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.
    Accurate to +/- .125 mm, less than a single barrel adjustment
    Reduced time to “tune” your rear derailleur from Beta version 1.0.
    Price point adjustments, reducing price from Beta version 1.0.

Based upon feedback from the beta version, OTTO 2.0 now gives users two ways to utilize its technology: Check and Tune.

? Download the voice-guided iPhone vision app here, and order OTTO Tuning System gauges via the OTTO website or through a retailer.
? Follow the voice guided step by step instructions in the app, calibrating the gauges with the front facing camera on your iPhone.
? With properly installed hardware, OTTO will now walk you through rear derailleur alignment giving you an alignment score and getting you back to perfect shifting.

The OTTO Tuning System is available at ottodesignworks.com and through a variety of national online distributors, as well as many IBD locations. The associated app can be downloaded via the Apple iTunes Store for Free. Selected in-app features, such as tuning, are not an auto-renew subscription service, but rather require a one time in-app purchases for $3.99 a week, $11.99 for 90 days, or $26.99 for annual service.

Founded by bicycle lovers, innovators and service heroes, the OTTO DesignWorks team has a simple mission to create and deliver smart products for cycling and outdoor markets. Based in Portland Oregon, OTTO DesignWorks combines technology with a passion for cycling, designing clever solutions to unmet needs in the cycling industry.

It’s always nice to get another perspective and Arts Cyclery also has a video talking about this product.


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