New Polar M400 Update Offers Training Load and Recovery Status

12/2/2015 : sicklines

There’s nothing like getting an updated device and Polar annoucned a major feature update for the Polar M400. Deatils inside.

, New Polar M400 Update Offers Training Load and Recovery Status

KEMPELE, Finland – Polar, the pioneer of wearable sports and fitness technology and the leader of heart rate monitoring for more than 35 years, announces a major feature update for Polar M400 users. The Polar M400 now allows users to access Training Load and Recovery Status data after each training session on Polar Flow via the Polar Flow app or web service. Continuous monitoring of training load and recovery helps athletes recognize personal limits, avoid over or under training, and adjust training intensity and duration according to daily and weekly targets.

Polar’s Training Load feature, only available for V800 users until now, makes the training loads of different types of training sessions comparable with each other despite the workouts’ intensities and durations. Training Load helps users understand the amount of effort they are putting into a training session.

Recovery Status helps users find the perfect balance between training and rest, allowing them to understand how much training they can tolerate and how much recovery is needed for optimal training benefits. Recovery status is based on the cumulative load of all activities including training sessions, rest and activity data based on activities you do throughout the day.

, New Polar M400 Update Offers Training Load and Recovery Status

Featuring integrated GPS and smart notifications for iOS and Android, the M400 is a sports watch ideal for runners who seek a training tool with integrated GPS and training features, along with loads of options to keep an eye on their activity. The waterproof running watch tracks and records speed, distance, altitude, pace, heart rate, route and sleep for people who want to stay active. It helps users stay active by offering daily personal activity goals, guidance on how to reach them and alerts when they’ve been inactive too long.

The Polar M400 is available now on Polar.com in white, black, blue or pink for $179.95 or $229.95 with an H7 heart rate sensor. Users can access the new M400 features by downloading the latest version of the Polar Flow app, available for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play.


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