OneUp Components Chainguide (ISCG-05)

8/22/2015 : sicklines

, OneUp Components Chainguide (ISCG-05)

OneUp Components has been making some stellar products and they’ve got a new lightweight 35gram 1x ISCG-05 chainguide that Richie Rude and Team Yeti have been running with some great success. Check out the details inside from OneUp on their latest products.

OneUp Components Chainguide (ISCG-05) Press Release

Eliminate dropped chains forever and more than double your chainring life with the new OneUp Components Chainguide. At only 35g the OneUp guide weighs less than a sip of water, costs just $45 USD and saves you money in less than a season.

Why do I need a guide and a Narrow Wide Chainring?
Narrow Wide rings are awesome, but they’re not perfect and every once in a while you can drop a chain riding. On a social ride this means getting dropped by your friends. But when racing an Enduro a dropped chain can cost you the podium, which is why almost every EWS pro runs both a chainguide and narrow wide chainring.

World Class Test Pilots
To develop the ultimate chainguide OneUp worked closely with the Yeti Cycles EWS team throughout the product development. Jared Graves and Richie Rude have been racing multiple prototype iterations this season, testing the guide on the worlds toughest trails. This feedback enabled us to develop an ultra minimal chain retention system, good enough for even the worlds fastest riders.

, OneUp Components Chainguide (ISCG-05)

Richie Rude “The new OneUp guide is great, it’s small, simple and is my choice for everyday riding”

Jared Graves “Its feather weight is awesome. Simple and very effective.”

Shaun Hughes (Yeti Cycles EWS Team Mechanic) “As a mechanic I’ve set up a lot of guides and I can say hands down it’s the easiest guide to install and setup out there.”

How can I double my chainring life?
As a Narrow Wide ring wears, over time the teeth thin and loose their chain retention ability, leading to more dropped chains. The OneUp guide extends the life of a Narrow Wide ring by limiting the chain’s side-to-side movement reducing tooth wear and totally preventing the chain from derailing. Installing a OneUp guide means you now only have to replace your chainring when the driving faces have worn out, which typically doubles your usable chainring life. Buy less stuff – Work Less Ride More.

What about Stainless Steel Narrow Wide Rings?
Some ring manufacturers are starting to use stainless steel to provide longer wearing no drop rings. The system weight and cost of our Aluminum narrow wide ring paired with our chainguide is similar to that of a stainless steel ring. But even with a brand new stainless steel chainring you can still drop a chain, especially in muddy conditions, after a big compression or with a worn derailleur clutch.

, OneUp Components Chainguide (ISCG-05)


Installation Video:

The install is quick and easy with no need to remove your cranks. Perfect chainline setup is a breeze using the chainline shims which space the top guide rather than the back plate. This means no guess work or messing around with annoying hard to reach ISCG washers. The adjustable design fits chainrings from 26 – 38T and is oval and boost compatible. Our Patent Pending adjustment system makes us the cleanest and lightest fully compatible ISCG05 top guide on the market – Never drop a chain again!

Install without removing your crank
Single tool install and adjustment (4mm hex)
Boost compatible
Oval Compatible
Stainless Steel hardware (Ever notice how much rust loves ISCG bolts?)
Includes 2 top guide pieces 1xBlack and 1xGreen

Weight: 35g
Cost: $45 USD
Capacity: 26-38T
Chainline: 5.5mm adjustment
Compatibility: ISCG05

Available now at oneupcomponents.com


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