Video: Kurt Sorge, Trail Assassin

7/28/2015 : sicklines

, Video: Kurt Sorge, Trail Assassin

Kurt Sorge headed to Retallack to ride his fresh Polygon N9 and shoot with Solos Productions. The video evidence can be seen inside.

Kurt Sorge headed to Retallack to ride his fresh Polygon N9 and shoot with Solos Productions.

Riders like Kurt are always pushing their limits. In turn they are pushing the limits of the bikes that they are riding. The N9 was designed to be pushed to the limits. This video is not full of big hucks or big tricks; it is good old fashion trail riding at break neck speeds on some of the best trails that the Kootenays have to offer.

How many of us can ride Ramage or hit Fest Series sized jumps like Kurt can? Not many, but how many of us can make the trip to Nelson to ride Retallack? These are trails that anyone can ride and on a bike that anyone could have fun on. This is the beauty of mountain biking, 6 inch travel bikes that anyone can enjoy riding anywhere.

“I was really excited to finally get my hands on the Polygon Colossus N9 and hit the trails! I’ve been riding more trails bikes recently (usually we just push our DH bikes up) and it has added a whole new element to biking for me.

They are great for non shuttleable trails, solo laps, adventures and cool to get on a completely different bike than the everyday DH rig I usually ride. The bikes are so capable, lite, fun and all around great cross training. The N9 didn’t disappoint! I was pleasantly surprised with how the bike handled. I found myself forgetting I was even on a smaller travel bike and having tons of fun on this playful trail assassin.

Luckily we were able to head up to Retallack Lodge to really put the N9 through its paces. I have been riding Retallack’s trails for a few years now plus it is the home of the course for my Fest Series event Hoff Fest. Every time I arrive to Retallack the trails are freshly maintained plus new ones constantly getting put in… And they are so fun! When times are hot and dry there is no where better to ride then the alpine. Cool temperatures and moisture in the dirt! So thats where we headed. No one in sight, just snow covered peaks in the distance and a trail network leading down into the valley below.

After 3 days of riding at Retallack Lodge I didn’t want to leave and I am excited to go back. I hope you guys enjoy what we came up with because we enjoyed making it! Cheers.” Kurt Sorge


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