Morpheus Bikes Go Consumer Direct

4/30/2015 : sicklines

, Morpheus Bikes Go Consumer Direct

Morpheus Bikes Go Consumer Direct

Morpheus Bikes are now selling direct to consumer from their head office in Bronx, New York. By selling their products exclusively through the Website and therefore straight from the manufacturer to consumer, Morpheus are able to offer great value for money.

Focusing on selling direct to the consumer saves on many distribution costs and those savings can be passed on to you, the customer. No one knows the product better than Morpheus themselves and they’re always on hand to answer your questions, no matter how simple or complex.

Even the biggest dealer cannot stock all products in every size and colour combination. By ordering direct from the manufacturer, you have access to our entire inventory, which means you’ll get the bike you want much quicker.Morpheus stands behind their products 100% and offers one of the most comprehensive warranty and crash replacement programs in the industry.

Dealing directly with the consumer allows them to take care of any issues quickly and get you back on your bike as soon as possible.

Morpheus offers free shipping in the USA and flat rate shipping elsewhere on all of their complete bikes and frames. The bikes are shipped in bespoke packaging to ensure that they arrive in one piece and the complete bikes require minimal assembly before they’re ready to ride.

Mike Schwartz, the main man behind the Morpheus brand is excited about this new direction. “By selling direct to the consumer, we can offer incredible value for money. Our FMB World Tour proven Vimana frame can now be purchased for just $595 and if you’re in the US, shipping is free! The costs that we have saved have allowed us to focus on the development of new Morpheus models. Its has also allowed us to keep the quality of the bikes extremely high whilst lowering the prices. A perfect example can be seen when comparing the all new V-Slope to the previous Skyla. The MSRP on the Skyla frame was over $1700 and now we can offer the V-Slope for only $1295. The V-Slope beats its predecessor in every single category and also costs more to produce, yet the consumer direct model allows us to sell it for less. Keep any eye on our website for more info. 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Morpheus and we hope to welcome many new riders to the Morpheus family.”

The new Morpheus website is now live. Check out http://morpheususa.com or more info and to place your order.

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