Cane Creek Enters New Territory on April 1 : Launches CCDBRPPS-BS

4/1/2015 : sicklines

, Cane Creek Enters New Territory on April 1 : Launches CCDBRPPS-BS
Today is an exciting day for Cane Creek. They’ve launched their CCDBRPPS-BS system for the low price of $8,999.

NoCar and SoCal, April 1, 2015

— Cane Creek Cycling Components and Vurtego today announced a joint venture agreement to bring the worlds of mountain biking and extreme pogo together like never before. They have created a new line of high performance pogo sticks specifically targeting the new sport segment, EndurGO and the advanced pogo pilot. A chance meeting at the Gravitopia Trampoline Center in Greenville, S.C. now leads to a combined effort to redefi ne the sport of pogo.

Over four years in development, the common law marriage of these two companies births the Double Barrel Rocket Propelled Pogo Stick with BOOST Switch. The CCDBRPPS-BS is a groundbreaking new air-damped pogo design featuring award-winning Double Barrel suspension technology and BOOST Switch, the first ever pro-buck system in the world. The CCDBRPPS-BS is also the first pogo stick to offer clipless pedals, a headset for bar spins and multiple-travel options.

“The great thing about Cane Creek and Vurtego is that we’ve really only scratched the surface,” said Cane Creek Research and Development Engineer, Jim Morrison. “One day we were out riding test forks with the rebound all the way open and we thought –hey what about pogo sticks?” Given the prestige and demand for Cane Creek’s suspension designs in mountain biking, the pogo world should be very excited about their future involvement.

“Cane Creek Cycling Components + Vurtego is a partnership between two iconic, global brands with a shared passion for creating upward-moving products,” Cane Creek VP of Marketing, Holly Colson said. “We are providing our customers with a quantum leap in EndurGO products. Most people have never even heard of the sport – we are confident that when people see the new gear to buy and the kick-ass videos – it will take off”.

, Cane Creek Enters New Territory on April 1 : Launches CCDBRPPS-BS

“We are working to take the sport to a whole new level – actually to a whole new sport,” says Vurtego owner, Ian Britt. “For us, providing the best pogo stick in the world isn’t enough, we constantly explore new ideas but for the past several years our technology has only incrementally improved. It wasn’t until Cane Creek approached us with a totally new approach that we realized we’d been going down the wrong path for years”.

“The more air you can fit into the cylinder on our pogo stick, the easier it becomes to jump. We’ve spent more money than we can count in R&D to maximize the air volume in our pogo stick. Cane Creek approached us with a whole new concept – use two cylinders instead of one and make it trail worthy. Mind. Blown”.

The CCDBRPPS-BS is a game changer. If you thought that jumping over a 10’ bar was incredible…how about jumping up onto buildings? Revolutionary new BOOST Switch innovation allows riders to access 250psi of BOOST pressure at the touch of a finger. A regular pogo stick, can bounce up to 8’, the CCDBRPPS-BS allows you to bounce up to 35’. Made of aluminum, titanium, steel, nickel and magnesium alloys along with thermoplastic Celazole PBI, the CCDBRPPS-BS is quite possibly the most advanced pogo stick ever created.

One way the CCDBRPPS-BS unifi es the two sport worlds is by bringing the versatility of the bike to the pogo stick. The complete kit includes pogo pads in footprints to suit all pilot preferences from 650 and 650+ micrometers (?) to 29r and 29r+ ? and even the throwback 26 ? pad. Rumor has it that specialty kits f or yard aeration and even a Fat Stick kit for snow pogo are in development.

Professional athlete Dan Brady, a former DH racer who is preparing for his first EndurGO World Championship has been secretly testing cartridges for the CCDBRPPS-BS. “This is my favorite stick ever. I love bombing the trails on this thing man. It bounces through all the gnarly lines. I can tune for big air monster drops or gnarly root gardens – this stick takes EndurGO to a whole other level. Just get on your stick and jump”, says Dan.

The amazing feature of this pogo rocket is the tuning setup that lets you dial in a smooth base-to-sky motion, giving it handling similar to a mountain bike. Tunes are terrain dependent and range from street tech and building drops to EndurGO trail. All can be easily accessed via the new Pogo Tune app “ProPo” which will be available in the Apple store whenever they decide.

Pricing & Availability

The CCDBRPPS-BS is expected to be available within 60 days for a suggested retail price of $8,999 (US) through Cane Creek’s retail partners and www.canecreek.com as well as www.vurtego.com. The CCDBRPPS-BS Sport Kit requires Vans shoes, an iPod Touch with iOS 8 and Spotify, GoPro 4 camera and Pro-Tec helmet.

Cane Creek Cycling Components

Based near Asheville, North Carolina, Cane Creek has a long, rich history in taking bicycle suspension technologies beyond comprehension and is among the world’s largest producers of corn mash. Voted one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work 2014, the employee-owned company is deeply rooted in the culture of cycling and has built its reputation producing the industry’s top components, performance enhancing supplements and nautical equipment. To learn more about Cane Creek contact (800) 123-CCDB or visit www.canecreek.com


Vurtego ignited the pogo revolution in the early 2000’s with the world’s fi rst air damped pogo stick. Today, Vurtego holds the Guinness World Record for the High Jump (set with the V3 Pogo Stick) and continues to lead the industry in innovation. Learn more at www.vurtegopogo.com


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