Search for the Steep Episode #2: Lake Garda

2/9/2015 : sicklines

, Search for the Steep Episode #2: Lake Garda

Riding steep terrain can be quite fun. Follow along with Red Bull, Joe Barnes, and Chris Akrigg as they travel to Lake Garda to ride a steep trail.

In Episode 2 of our “Search for the Steep” series, Joe Barnes is joined by trials legend Chris Akrigg on his latest mission to ride the world’s steepest descents.

Traveling to Lake Garda, Italy, the duo went in search of the illusive “122 Trail” that some said would challenge even the talent of Akrigg. After a long hike in harsh weather, Trail 122 brought its rewards as the guys were presented with a steep, technical descent where Akrigg’s trials skills proved more than useful.

Read more about this adventure here.

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