Video: Outsiders – TchoukTV

10/13/2014 : sicklines

, Video: Outsiders – TchoukTV
Qualifying for a World Cup downhill race is no small feat. Follow along with TchoukTV as they track a few riders trying to do just that at the Meribel World Cup race.

Here is a summary of the 4 days Meribel race with pilots riding for TchoukTV and/or X1 Racing. All the pilots you’ll see in this video are “outsiders”, some of them were not amongst the 80 fastest pilots in the finale, others qualified but they’re all trying, day after day, to reach the best level they can, and maybe join a big team which would allow them to improve themselves. You won’t often see these pilots in magazines or on the web, however they are on national and international races and they train as much as the leaders in the top 20. The only big difference is that they pay for their races with their own money.
Share this video to support these french pilots ! They have draw attention on themselves. In GB or in the US, they would be pro riders easily. This unpaid video has only one goal: to support them !


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