Steve Peat Syndicate: 2015 Enduro Support Program

10/1/2014 : sicklines

, Steve Peat Syndicate: 2015 Enduro Support Program

The Steve Peat Syndicate has been helping young gravity racers out in the past and for 2015 they’re expanding to Enduro as well. They’ve shared some details of their program and you can learn more about it inside.

The Steve Peat Syndicate offers a unique opportunity to get the best support, training and equipment package direct from one of the most experienced racers in the business, and it is branching out into enduro racing for 2015. As part of the Syndicate family, World and National Champions like Peaty and Neil Donoghue have got your back, helping enduro riders who join the team achieve their goals within a professional set up, and have some serious fun along the way…


Steve Peat has long been known as a rider that takes promising talent under his wing, and there’s a big list of riders from Marc Beaumont, to Brendan Fairclough, to the current World Cup DH Champion, Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland, that have benefitted from Peaty’s knowledge and support. Steve massively enjoys this role, and the Steve Peat Syndicate is his way of taking this to the next level and supporting another generation of racers.

, Steve Peat Syndicate: 2015 Enduro Support Program
Josh Bryceland – 2014 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill Champion.

“I don’t know if I’d ever have been where I am today without Peaty’s help and advice over the years. Steve has made me a way better racer, simple as that.” Josh Bryceland, September 2014.

, Steve Peat Syndicate: 2015 Enduro Support Program
Steve Peat winning another of his Steel City races – 2014.

Peaty’s experience, knowledge and passion for racing is just one of the reasons why his Syndicate is unique. The place to find more information about exactly how the set up works, and why it could be worth joining the same winning team as the current Elite UK Gravity Enduro champion, Neil Donoghue, is over at the Steve Peat Syndicate website http://stevepeatsyndicate.com

SPS are now taking inquiries from any riders, regardless of location or race category to be considered for the 2015 program.

, Steve Peat Syndicate: 2015 Enduro Support Program
Donny racing aboard the Santa Cruz Tallboy LT at the TweedLove Enduro World Series. Syndicate enduro riders get to choose the Santa Cruz bike that works for them.

Just like Peaty and enduro shredder Neil Donoghue, as part of the Steve Peat Syndicate, riders get to race on state-of-the-art Santa Cruz machines – buying into the SPS enduro team package gives you the option to pick the Santa Cruz bike that fits your own needs the best. Bronson, Nomad and Tallboy LT models have all been successfully raced depending on the terrain this season. Whatever your choice, the 650b or 29-er Santa Cruz machines make for an awesome, reliable race weapon. Steve Peat chose the Bronson for his guest appearance at this year’s Trans-Savoie enduro.

Another key ingredient behind Peaty’s success is the help of a dedicated team of professionals at Sheffield Hallam University in Steve’s home city, and, as part of the Syndicate team, the door is opened to the same world class fitness and psychological resources used to win the DH World Championships. Whatever your goals, joining the Syndicate enduro program is your chance to improve into a fitter, faster racer in a friendly team environment, backed by over two decades of mountain bike race knowledge.

, Steve Peat Syndicate: 2015 Enduro Support Program
Sheffield Hallam University gives you access to expert advice and support.

, Steve Peat Syndicate: 2015 Enduro Support Program
Neil Donoghue gymwork at the Hallam facilities – Syndicate racers receive the same world class advice about training and preparation as Steve Peat.Lab tests and fitness analysis are part of the SPS package.Drill instructor Doctor Steve Peat.

Bottom line is, the Steve Peat Syndicate and its awesome sponsors and partners aims to make you a better racer, and have as much fun as Peaty while you’re at it. Head over to the website for more information. Whether it’s enduro or DH, Peaty knows a thing or two about racing after two decades…


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