Video: Beech Mountain Pro GRT With Marcelo Gutierrez

7/24/2014 : sicklines

, Video: Beech Mountain Pro GRT With Marcelo Gutierrez

Beech Mountain held a Pro GRT last weekend and Marcelo Gutierrez attended the event. Check out his video inside.

Words: Marcelo Gutierrez
A good weekend at Beech Mountain Park in North Carolina, where I participated in a race of the Pro CRT circuit that is one of the most important U.S. finishing in third place! Rain, stones, mud and a very dark forest where the vision was difficult (see the video and you will understand what I am saying) coupled with different climates during the weekend, made this track a great spontaneous addition to the season, that allows me to stay in shape for the World Cup.

This race was not on the calendar of the team’s season. It was a good opportunity to have active/competitive training during this short break we had. It was a very complete and competitive track. During the week due to the heavy rain and the cold weather just got more complicated with the days. Fortunately enough (or maybe not) the race day it did not rain, but that made ??all the mud denser and created ditches and turned rocks into a slippery slope by the amount of mud they had! Anyway I completed the competition with a third place, which makes me very happy, seeing that it was a race that popped up in the agenda.

Now I’m heading to Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada where another run of the World Cup is taking place. I am looking forward to your support as you did in the latter. Thanks to my sponsors for there trust in me: Giant, RedBull, University of Manizales, TLG, Herragro and Moveo.


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