Chrome Introduces Forged Rubber Shoes

6/19/2014 : sicklines

, Chrome Introduces Forged Rubber Shoes

Chrome refurbished some 70-year-old forged rubber machines to deliver a new lineup of shoes that sound quite promising. Check out the details inside from Chrome.

Urban Mobility Gear Maker, Chrome Industries, Turns Modern Manufacturing Upside Down With New Individually Crafted Forged Rubber Sneakers

Price: $85

San Francisco, CA — Chrome Industries, the San Francisco-based company originally known for its messenger bag with its iconic seatbelt buckle and renowned for crafting “bombproof gear for living and riding the city,” today unveils ‘The Best City Sneaker In The World’ with its Forged Rubber line of footwear.

Chrome turns modern manufacturing upside down by resurrecting 70-year-old Forged Rubber machines originally used to make army boots in Europe. Discovered in eastern Slovakia, an area of the world known for its demanding city landscapes, these Forged Rubber machines were refurbished and adapted to make Chrome shoes that embody the brand’s spirit of making thoughtful, highly durable products. Each Forged Rubber sneaker is individually made by hand using heated pressure and the outsole is fused directly onto the upper to ensure no separation. The result is that no undesirable cement is used and Chrome shoe lasts under the most demanding conditions. A reflective heel and an odor resistant technology are also integrated for daily city survival.

, Chrome Introduces Forged Rubber Shoes

“Chrome isn’t re-inventing the wheel with our new Forged Rubber process,” states Ben McCosh, Chrome’s Product Director.. “We are challenging the industry by using the best processes available to make durable city sneakers that last beyond one season. It’s a back-to-basics concept that most manufacturers simply overlook today due to the time, effort, and resources required to make durable sneakers. This is the Chrome way.”

Chrome’s Forged Rubber shoes are crafted from the bottom up. Its foundation – the rubber sole – is harvested from local rubber tree farms in Thailand and molded just 3-5 days after leaving the tree. From there, the materials are quickly assembled, and the canvas upper is pressure fused with the rubber at 300 degrees Fahrenheit to create shoes that look like sneakers, but are constructed with the durability of army boots.

, Chrome Introduces Forged Rubber Shoes

With this introduction, Chrome continues to demonstrate its leadership in the rapidly growing urban mobility category that caters to city commuters and urban adventurers.

Chrome’s Forged Rubber Mobile Factory Tour brings making back to the people.
Chrome celebrates the craftsmanship behind their urban sneaker debut with its Forged Rubber Mobile Factory Tour, where one of the refurbished 70-year-old Slovakian Forged Rubber machines will travel to Chrome’s HUB stores in five cities, allowing more people to experience the hand-made manufacturing process in-person.

, Chrome Introduces Forged Rubber Shoes

Where to see the Forged Rubber Mobile Factory Tour

Chrome HUB’s
•San Francisco – 6/20 – 6/21- 962 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
•New York City – 7/1 – 7/2 – 238 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012
•Chicago – 7/11 – 7/12 – 1529 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
•Seattle – 7/18 – 7/19 – 1117 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
•Portland – 7/25 – 7/26 – 425 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Learn more at: http://www.chromeindustries.com/us/en/footwear/forged-rubber-sneakers


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