7 Speed Conversion Kit from Ti-Springs.com

6/3/2014 : sicklines

We’ve always been a fan of a reduced rear gear cluster for gravity racing and Ti-Springs has a new kit that will help you convert your bike to a 7 speed setup.

SRAM recently began offering their X01 DH in a custom 7 speed cassette and although plenty of us have been running a smaller cluster with some spacers, Ti-Springs.com is offering a tidier option.

, 7 Speed Conversion Kit from Ti-Springs.com

Whilst walking the pits and checking out bikes at the Andorra World Cup last year I couldn’t help but notice several bikes with cassettes hacked down and gears missing. After chatting to a few riders and mechanics it soon became apparent that most riders simply don’t need or use the traditional 9 or 10 gears. The reason behind this is that the 3 biggest gears on the cassette (1 – 3) are generally too ”easy”, especially at the speeds a downhill rider gets upto. By developing a conversion kit, it is now possible to easily convert traditional 9 and 10 speed gears to 7 speed, which is far more suited for downhill bikes.

The conversion kit is universal and will fit both Shimano and SRAM gears.

The conversion kit consist of x3 aluminium spacers and a large aluminium spoke saver spacer to keep things neat and tidy. Fitting instructions are included however we have also produced some videos to show how it’s done.

You can expect to see this product on a lot of World Cup riders bikes in 3 weeks time at Fort William.

The 7 Speed Conversion Kit can be ordered direct at www.ti-springs.com

They deliver Worldwide quickly

Suggested MSRP / RRP: £25.00

, 7 Speed Conversion Kit from Ti-Springs.com


Shimano Setup:

SRAM Setup:


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