EpicTV Video: Marcelo Gutierrez in Cairns, Australia

5/7/2014 : sicklines

, EpicTV Video: Marcelo Gutierrez in Cairns, Australia
Marcelo sent over a helmet camera video and some words about his experience at the World Cup track in Cairns. Check it out inside.

Perhaps one of the most complicated races at elite level that I’ve ever had in my career do to the harsh weather conditions. We where in the monsoon season, and we expected some rain, but never this much. The weather was very humid in Cairns. Seeing through the goggles was a struggle from the beginning to the end. The track was like mudslide during the two training sessions; roots and rocks are more slippery, making it very dangerous. Around the track you could find trenches that are up to 20cm deep, causing you to slow down, or making you find a new route in every descent. It was a track that demanded physical resistance, but that also included big jumps. It was a pity we couldn’t enjoy it 100% during the training sessions.

Fortunately the rain ceased for the day of the race. I was very happy with my time 4:11.632 minutes, only 10.925 behind the winner of this round Gee Atherton. I was very pleased my 10th place. It was not easy to race with an injured knee. It not only affected me physically, but also mentally. I couldn’t erase from my mind that one week from know I was going to be in the operating room. That was really a bummer. But with support of my team and specially Joe Staub (Manager) and Oscar Saiz (Coach) of the Giant Factory Off-Road Team the race ended out going pretty smooth, even finishing ahead of my teammates.

Thanks to my family, my girlfriend, and many of you who support me in a day-to-day basis. I am currently in the 14th place in the World Cup, and looking forward to improve that position on what is left of the season. Nor needless to say thanks to my sponsors that are the companies that make my dream possible: Giant, Red Bull, University of Manizales, TLG, and Moveo Herragro.
-Marcelo Gutierrez


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