Reset Racing – Enduro Conical Spindale Crank (ECCCS) – Tapered Bottom Bracket Finally!

4/1/2014 : sicklines

Here at Reset Racing we´ve been helping out riders in bottom bracket compability problems for several years. We now think the time has come to announce a long overdue new bottom bracket standard.

April 1, 2014.

This is Enduro: The bottom bracket goes tapered!

A collaboration of Reset Racing Components and leading scientists of the bike industry has developed a new bottom bracket system. The new bottom bracket standard exactly meets the grown requirements of hard enduro use with 650B and 29″ wheels.

The ECCS-system (Enduro Conical Spindle Crank, pat. pend.) with its asymmetric bearing arrangement combines many advantages:
– 65% greater stiffness and optimized damping properties compared to previous systems
– greater free space, for example for internal wires of the seatpost and BB-ActionCam-mount on the bottom bracket shell
– Micro-positioning of the crank for optimal adjustment of the chainline, eg for modern Narrow Wide chainrings
– Repeatable and secure installation of the crank arms and bottom bracket
– Optional angular adjustment of the bottom bracket to adjust driving behavior and to optimize the chainline angle
– 100% compability with fatbikes

, Reset Racing – Enduro Conical Spindale Crank (ECCCS) – Tapered Bottom Bracket Finally!

Reset Racing bearings of the ECCS line enable a scaled sizing to adjust the bearings to driving behavior and driver size / weight.
Combining ECCS-compatible frames and ECCS cranks with traditional parts offer the following settings:

– ECCS-frames with ECCS-cranks: Full-Enduro
– ECCS-frames with traditional cranks: Hard-XC-Style, Light-Enduro
– selected traditional frames with ECCS-cranks: Enduro Street Cred Usage

Reset ECCS – kick the next generation!


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