SRAM X01 DH – 7 Speed Gravity Focused Drivetrain for 2014

3/4/2014 : sicklines

SRAM sent through some details on their X01 DH drivetrain. 7 Speeds with their X01 technology. Learn all about it inside.


The new X01 DH uses a 7 Speed specific shifter, cassette, and derailleur.

Every descent rewrites the laws of gravity. Every mountain pushes you further. Engineered in Germany, SRAM X01 DH delivers quicker shifting, smarter gear steps, and more precise chain management. Featuring SRAM’s 7-speed X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur and X-DOME™ MINI BLOCK™ cassette, the X-SYNC chain ring, and the X-ACTUATION™ trigger shifter, it’s the integrated SRAM 1X™ drivetrain for complete control. Made for gravity athletes. Proven by champions. And now available to every rider. X01 DH. ONE WITH GRAVITY.

Video: Technology

NEW X01 7-Speed Trigger Shifter
Harnessing SRAM’s 1X™ X-ACTUATION™ technology, the X01 DH trigger shifter delivers precise and dependable 7-speed performance. With ZERO LOSS™, the cable engages instantly so you shift faster. And with multi-adjustable triggers, you shift from whatever position fits perfectly with the way your ride. The shifter’s aluminum cover and adjustable forged aluminum pull lever bring the strength and durability you need to conquer the toughest terrain.

, SRAM X01 DH – 7 Speed Gravity Focused Drivetrain for 2014

• SRAM 1X™ X-ACTUATION™ for precise and dependable 7-speed performance
• Multi-adjustable trigger shifter
• MatchMaker™ X compatible
• ZERO LOSS™ Engagement for fastest shifting
• Aluminum cover and adjustable forged aluminum pull lever
• Includes discrete clamp

NEW X01 DH X-HORIZON™ Rear Derailleur
The 7-speed X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur makes shifting smooth and reliable no matter where you ride. Engineered to maintain consistent chain gap across all seven gears, X-HORIZON™ eliminates vertical movement for faster shifting, reduced shift force and an end to ghost shifting. ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology and the 12-tooth X-SYNC™ pulley wheels hold the chain in place, reducing bounce and chain slap. And CAGE LOCK™ technology makes wheel removal and installation easier than ever. Paired with the X01 DH 7-speed shifter, X-HORIZON™ forms the backbone of X-ACTUATION™ technology—and that means completely smooth shifting action.

, SRAM X01 DH – 7 Speed Gravity Focused Drivetrain for 2014

• X-HORIZON™ technology provides more responsive shifting and eliminates ghost shifting, a common problem on DH bikes
• X-ACTUATION™ with more cable pull delivers optimized system performance and durability
• Two cage lengths for various applications, including abnormally long chain stay growth
• EXACT ACTUATION™ (MTB 10-speed) variant allows upgrades to existing bikes in the aftermarket
• ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ with CAGE LOCK™ sets the industry standard

NEW XG-795 X01 DH MINI BLOCK™ 7-speed Cassette
The MINI BLOCK™ X-DOME™ 7-speed cassette is engineered for the optimized gear steps that downhill riders want. Featuring 10–24 gearing with two-tooth steps, this technology eliminates the need for double/triple shifts to get in the gear you want. And because it’s so compact, it’s also light—the lightest cassette in existence. Compatible with any XD wheel, MINI BLOCK™ X-DOME™ technology integrates flawlessly with your SRAM 1X™ drivetrain. With durable JET™ black finish, the cassette looks as tough as it performs—ride after ride.

The cassette uses the XD driver body as seen on the other X01/XX1 components.
, SRAM X01 DH – 7 Speed Gravity Focused Drivetrain for 2014

• Larger jumps between gears eliminate the need for double/triple shifts to get in the gear you want. (10-12-14-16-18-21-24)
• Less cogs allow faster transition from starting gear to high gear. Half as many shifts to get from 24-10 versus a normal 10-speed 26-11
• Larger gear range, 10-tooth cog opens up high end and allows smaller rings for ground clearance
• Lightest cassette. Ever.
• More rear wheel clearance around spokes
• 2-tooth steps are safer in shifting than 1-tooth steps under big loads
• Currently fits any XD™ compatible wheel and driver body


Video: Installation


  • X01 DH Crankset – GXP: $315, € 280
  • X01 DH Crankset – BB30: $347, € 310
  • X01 DH X-Horizon Rear Derailelur$277, € 245
  • X01 DH Trigger Shifter $143 , € 125
  • X01 DH – Mini Block Cassette $303, € 269
  • PC-XX1 Chain$63, € 57

Available April 2014



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