Video: 2014 SR Suntour RUX Downhill Fork

2/19/2014 : sicklines

, Video: 2014 SR Suntour RUX Downhill Fork

SR Suntour has a new downhill fork available to the public for 2014 that you may be aware of called the Rux. Check out some of the highlights inside as Brett Tippie and Darren take you through some of the highlights.


Are you experienced? The guys shredding SRSUNTOUR’s RUX double crown fork in testing sure are: James Doerfling, Garrett Buehler, and Brett Tippie are known for taking no prisoners when ripping up trails. The fork has also seen world cup level action with the Gates Nicolai racing team. These riders have thrown everything at the RUX and it kept coming back for more. After all, this fork has all it takes to perform at the highest level; with 38mm stanchions, it offers 8 inches (203mm) of plush travel that can be reduced to 7 inches. Add to that a volume-adjustable air chamber and a cartridge damper which is easily removable for tuning or servicing. Available in either black or white, the RUX comes in at 6lbs5oz (2.890g), slender for a double crown downhill fork. – SR Suntour

The RUX is priced quite competitively at $1200 MSRP in the downhill fork market and it offers a lot of tunability for the rider. You may have seen our previous articles on the Rux when this fork was still a prototype but now it’s available for everyone.

The RUX is an air-sprung fork and allows you to tune the progressiveness of the air-spring by adding or removing clips.

, Video: 2014 SR Suntour RUX Downhill Fork

The RUX also has external low/high speed compression adjusters and a single external rebound adjuster. The crown is drilled to accept any standard direct mount stem as well. Other highlights include their Quick Service Product mentality and the tool free 20mm axle.

, Video: 2014 SR Suntour RUX Downhill Fork

James Doerfling on the RUX

Be sure to check out the details on the SR Suntour Auron as well if you’re in the market for a 27.5, 160mm fork. Visit SR-Suntour’s website for additional details.


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