Bell Helmets – 2014 IMBA $100,000 Trail Grant For Second Straight Year

12/18/2013 : sicklines

, Bell Helmets – 2014 IMBA $100,000 Trail Grant For Second Straight Year
After an extremely successful first year, we’re happy to announce Bell Built will be back again in 2014. With hopes of making it even bigger in 2014, Bell and IMBA hope to spread the word so riders all around the country realize the opportunity they have for a trail to be built in their community for the benefit of local shredding.

The entry page for the 2013 rules can be seen at http://www.imba.com/grants/bell-built and we suspect a similar set of rules will be in place for 2014 as well. Some 2014 details are briefly outlined at the end of this press release.

Bell Helmets to Provide IMBA with $100,000 in Grant Funding to Support Trail Building for Second Straight Year

Scotts Valley, CA, December 17, 2013 – After a successful first year, Bell Helmets and IMBA proudly announce they will be back again in 2014, providing trail assistance for mountain bike projects across the USA. The success in the first year was remarkable — 2013 Bell Built Grant winners all put in a tremendous effort to turn their visions into publically accessible, legal trails for the entire mountain biking community to enjoy.

The list of winners from 2013 include

Pump track/bike park – Eric Routt, County Riders, Steamboat Springs, CO

Flow trail – CJ Scott, Kingdom Trails Association, Burke, VT

Downhill trail – Aaron Rogers, President/Trails Coordinator, Copper Harbor Trails Club, Copper Harbor, MI

“Being chosen out of hundreds of applicants, and to be given the opportunity to build a trail for the mountain bike community in my hometown is an unreal feeling,” said Aaron Rogers, President/Trails Coordinator of Copper Harbor Trails Club. “It’s been especially rewarding to see the entire community go into a frenzy of excitement about this trail. Huge thanks to Bell Helmets and IMBA for providing us the chance to make a difference.”

In 2014, the Bell Built program is looking to build upon its 2013 success, and hopes to receive even more interest from different mountain biking communities. Like last year, the 2014 program will consist of $100,000 in grants to fund three mountain bike trail projects that create places for a broad spectrum of mountain bikers — which includes any combination of bike park/pump track, flow trails and/or downhill/gravity trails.

“It’s unbelievable to see how much impact a program like this has throughout a community, and, just as important, mountain biking as a whole,” said Azul Couzens, Bell Helmets Director of Marketing. “Being able to watch riders use these new trails, and to see the positive impacts they have had for local communities, is why we did this. It’s awesome.”

Bell Helmets and IMBA received over a hundred grant submissions last year from IMBA chapters, clubs and land management agencies, and it is expected that the number of applications will increase in 2014. IMBA Trail Solutions, the international leader in developing singletrack trails, was responsible for the building and designing of all three trail projects and will continue this in 2014 with help from local volunteers.

“The Bell Built program far exceeded our expectations and we’re extremely proud of the initial success in 2013,” said IMBA Executive Director Mike Van Abel. “This exciting and effective platform is delivering great riding experiences, and it was great to see the enthusiasm the communities had for their trails — the online videos the winners submitted of their respective trails we helped build really show the program’s impact.”

Starting in January and running through the end of February, Bell Helmets and IMBA will begin taking applications for 2014 trails, with finalists named during the first week of March. Voting will then come in three regional phases, starting in April with the West coast, and ending in May with the East coast, with central voting in between. From there, all winners will be officially announced in May 2014, with trail design and construction beginning in June.

imba.com or facebook.com/IMBAonFB.


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