Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update

12/16/2013 : sicklines

, Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update

We’ve been using the Pearly Possum socks for well over a year now and we’ve got an update on how they’ve performed. Check out the details inside on these comfy socks that keep delivering in cold weather.

Winter can be a hard time for cyclists. Finding a good set of cold-weather riding socks can be a challenge. Traditional socks can be a challenge to fit inside a cycling shoe and wool socks can add an additional point by making feet sweaty. Pearly’s helps make things easier with their Possum socks. We reviewed these socks a year ago and thought an update was in order to relay just how awesome these socks have been given the time of year it is. You can read some of our initial thoughts here

Since last year we got a new yarn supplier and this yarn has a different spin so it holds up even longer. Still just as warm and comfortable, yet even more durable. We also expanded distribution with more bike shops carrying them across the country and in New Zealand. If any readers want their local shop to carry them, they should tell the shop to reach out to us. We have a standalone Pearlys display and would love to set them up. – Pearly’s

, Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update

At an MSRP of $58.00, these socks aren’t cheap. Thankfully if you enter in the code sicklines when you check out, you can get 25% off!

They work very well in the fall / winter months and we’ve been using them pretty religiously. They work well at keeping the feet warm without making them sweat given their great breathability. The Pearly’s design help these socks work in a wide range of temperatures but they really shine in cold weather. Price wise we’d say these are equally valuable in comparison to shoe covers given how they work directly with your feet and will see much more usage.

, Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update

New socks on the top vs used pair below

Over the year these socks have seen quite the hammering on the bike and general day-to-day use. They resist odor and dry quickly should they get wet. If you ride in cold weather or like a warm pair of socks these are high on our recommendation list. The socks have possum fur weaved into the socks that give it a really comfortable feel while keeping your piggies nice and warm.

We snapped some pictures comparing a new set of socks to our old ones for comparison sake. The old ones have had some of the possum fur removed as expected with usage but they still retain a lot of the properties we love about these socks. There has been some minor pilling (small balls of material rolled together) you can notice as well on our heavily used set which is pretty common for a winter sock. The fresh set of Pearly’s however are quite welcomed as they feel a bit softer in comparison to the used pair and have more possum fur retained given their newness.


There is some quality armoring in the foot and heel of the socks that have meant no holes or typical high-wear spots. Overall these socks have held up quite well and there aren’t any holes to mention or high-wear spots save for on the edge of the pinky toe.

, Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update

Whether you use a traditional XC shoe or an all mountain shoe, the sock compression work perfectly well without bunching up or affecting sizing too drastically.

, Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update

Pearlys work well with Trail or XC shoes like the Shimano SH-XC90

, Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update

Pearlys work well with Trails shoes as well like the Five Ten Malteese Falcon

These socks aren’t cheap but we highly recommend them given how awesome they are. They’re great for wearing day to day as well as on the bike. One word of caution however, be careful who you let borrow your Pearly’s Possum socks because you may never see them again. You’ve been warned.

Enter in the code sicklines when you check out to get 25% off!  More details at http://www.pearlyspossumsocks.com/

, Review: Pearly Possum Socks Update


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