Video: Fabien Barel – Michelin Wild Rock’R 2

11/19/2013 : sicklines

Michelin has been working on new tires this year aimed at the trail/enduro rider.  Watch Fabien Barel and company test out some of their new tire options including the 2014 Wild Rock’R 2.

Video: Michelin Wild Rock’R 2 (by Lucas Stanus)

” We have been working in a tight relationship with Rudy (engineer at Michelin) and the communication was easy by the fact that I have an engineering background and that Rudy is a rider as well. we have been talking the same language during those 3 years and I am proud to see today a Full All mountain range presented for all type of conditions. It is one of the first complete range coming in all wheel dimensions”

, Video: Fabien Barel – Michelin Wild Rock’R 2

If you’d like to learn more about the Wild Rock’R 2 and the rest of the 2014 Michelin All Mountain / Enduro / Trail tire options, be sure to check out the details we’ve posted on it as well earlier this year.


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