Spotlight: TI-Springs.com – Titanium Springs Priced at £100

11/6/2013 : sicklines

, Spotlight: TI-Springs.com – Titanium Springs Priced at £100

Sourcing a titanium spring for your mountain bike can prove challenging, especially if you’re after that elusive 25lb increment. We got a hold of a TI-Springs.com spring recently and got a few details from them on their spring offerings which include offering titanium springs in 25lb increments as well as color options.a

An integral part to ensuring your bike rides its best is to make sure you have the correct spring rate on it. Riders can often tend to neglect this and opt to use whatever comes on the bike assuming it’ll be just fine or elect to use a under/over sprung TI spring because they got it on a deal or had it on a previous bike.

, Spotlight: TI-Springs.com – Titanium Springs Priced at £100

Gold Ti-Springs.com titanium spring

Enter Ti-Springs.com. A cost effective pricing option for titanium rear springs that start at £100 ($176 USD)  and are available in 25lb increments in most sizes. They make two models that fit Cane Creek, BOS, FOX (36.5mm ID) and another one to fit the RockShox Vivid, Avalanche, and Romic (38mm ID). Shipping worldwide is free and we got ours in about 8 days in the USA. Not bad!

Ti-Springs.com springs are made from Grade 5 Titanium and are available in pretty much every size and weight. Postage is free Worldwide on all orders and springs start from just £100! : Ti-Springs.com

TI-Springs.com offers titanium springs for a good price that help fill the void of finding the right spring as they offer their springs in 25lb increments. Most manufacuteres offer their springs in 50lb increments so giving riders a way to get that ‘tweener’ 25lb size with Titanium is appreciated. Due to the nature of the way TI-Springs.com creates their springs, they’re only able to offer the 25lb increment in springs from 200lb – 450lb. They have additional springs going up to 650lbs in 50lb increments.

, Spotlight: TI-Springs.com – Titanium Springs Priced at £100

Gold Ti-Springs.com titanium spring

In the past we’ve often gone with Obtanium TI Springs on bikes. They are lightweight and built very nicely. It was a small operation so customer service and orders had their hurdles.  They’re no longer around so new options have to be explored if you’re after a titanium spring. Over the years, others have come along that have nice Titanium springs and we’ve also recently checked out Kronos TI springs as well.

We asked TI-Springs.com about how accurate they’re able to get the springs and they informed us that

While most Ti Springs on the market are within a 5% tolerance from claimed rates, ours are within 1.6% (average) so this is why. We send 1 in 50 springs off to a suspension tuning company in the UK where they are tested to ensure our spring rates are accurate.

Now while this doesn’t mean you’ll always get a spring within a 1.6% tolerance, it does bode well that your spring should be within a close percentage. Awhile back we sent a few springs off to get measured to see what some of the actual measurements really were and you can see some of the results here if you missed it.

If you’re curious about measuring your shock, you can check out this tech-article we posted some time ago detailing how to measure your shock for a spring and how FOX and others mark their springs.

We wanted a 400lb x 3″ spring and got a gold colored one. So far it’s working as expected.  The coil thickness is a bit thicker than a FOX / Cane Creek steel spring so if you’ve got a tight area where the spring must sit you should double check for adequate clearance.

, Spotlight: TI-Springs.com – Titanium Springs Priced at £100

Gold Ti-Springs.com titanium spring

Weight wise the TI-Springs.com springs certainly help save weight in comparison to a steel counterpart. Compared to the lightest Ti springs out there, they’re not quite as light but certainly for the price are acceptable. See more verified weights at sicklines.com/weights


Part Year Real(g) URL
Ti-Springs.com Gold 400lb x 3″ (36.5mm fox/cane creek) 2013 423.9 link
Cane Creek Steel Spring 400 x 3 2010 558.8 link
FOX Steel Spring 400 x 3 2010 580.0 link
Obtainium 400 x 3″ (also fits 2.5″ & 2.75″) 2008 321 link
Rock Shox Vivid Steel 400 x 3″ 2013 632.0 link


  • Start at £100 ($176 USD). Colored options £150


Color options are also available. As you can see, we ordered a Gold spring that we thought would be neat to check out. Typically Ti springs aren’t available in a slew of colors but its nice to be able to customize.

We noticed that our Gold spring was a little bit different in color than the PR shots (you can see some of them in the gallery above) but [email protected] informed us that in addition to different lighting the anodic oxidation process also plays a factor in the final color. This means that depending on how long the reaction goes for, it can alter the depth/shade of coloring that you see. Regardless it’s still a neat option to consider but keep in mind you may get a slightly different shade than you’re expecting.

We’ll update this page as things develop / change but we wanted to get it up for you all to see. Ti-Springs will be releasing a full range of Titanium bolts and hardware for bikes in the near future too. See more at ti-springs.com


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