Video: DEVELOP3D: Joe Grainey, Santa Cruz Bicycles

7/26/2013 : sicklines
, Video: DEVELOP3D: Joe Grainey, Santa Cruz Bicycles


Santa Cruz’s Joe Grainey talks at Develop3D about the bicycles, where he’s come from, and the engineering behind the bikes. He encourages kids to join the industry by bridging the gap between the engineering topics and bike design. The talk is designed to help kids bridge the gap from the classroom to the real world. “Bridging the gap from the classroom to subjects that interest students of all ages is possible, making the field of engineering interesting to younger people – which is a first step to attract the next generation of designers, creators and thinkers. Presented as a personal story of how an everyday object, the bicycle, can create passion and drive in students.”


Mr. Graney grew up in his family’s prototype machine shop, JG Machine, in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts – and has trouble imagining a childhood without a machine shop in it. He attended Northeastern University for Mechanical Engineering. After spending several years working in product design for innovation consulting firm Continuum, he joined Santa Cruz Bicycles in 2002.


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