Spring Time – Kronos ICHU Titanium Spring For Your Bike

7/24/2013 : sicklines

Spring Time’s Kronos Titanium Spring

It seems like finding a titanium spring for a bike can be quite the challenge for some riders these days. An option we’ve been introduced to recently is the Spring Time brand. Spring Time is offering a TI spring for mountain bikers called the Kronos. It’s a Titanium spring worth taking a look at if you’re in the market.

, Spring Time – Kronos ICHU Titanium Spring For Your Bike

Kronos Titanium Spring

Why a titanium spring? Well, mainly it saves a good deal of weight off your bike. While its one of the last pieces we tend to upgrade it can put the finishing touch on a bike build very nicely once you’ve figured out the correct spring rate you need.

ICHU Springs, Spring Time’s manufacturer, comes with more than 38 years experience in the spring industry and their Titanium Springs are second to NONE! Proof of this can be seen in our testing results where their Titanium springs lasted 6 times longer than some big Japanese brand titanium springs. Finding these results many of Spring Time’s competitors continue to contact ICHU to try to get technical information about our Kronos Titanium spring, or to try to get our spring and rebrand it as theirs. – Spring Time

, Spring Time – Kronos ICHU Titanium Spring For Your Bike

Kronos Ti Spring - 500lb x 2.75 on the Zerode G2

The Kronos TI spring we’ve got installed here has been working as expected and saved about 166 grams over the steel Cane Creek spring we had on there previously. The length of this ti spring is for an 8.75 x 2.75″ shock, so depending on the length of your shock & spring you could easily save a lot more weight if you’ve got a more conventional downhill shock that is 9.5 x 3″ or 10.5 x 3.5″ shock.

, Spring Time – Kronos ICHU Titanium Spring For Your Bike

Steel spring weight

, Spring Time – Kronos ICHU Titanium Spring For Your Bike

Kronos TI Spring 500 x 2.75

Halcon Hard Coat is our proprietary clear coating process that we use on all of our performance Kronos Titanium springs. Halcon Hard Coat is a semi flexible, non-cracking, and tough as nails coating. This coating resists dirt, water, salt, corrosion and harmful UV rays. – Spring Time

The Kronos TI spring comes in a nice package and the finish on our TI spring really pops in the light. The coils are spaced out a bit more than most steel springs as well as that add a little bit of girth to accentuate the visual appearance of the TI spring.

Fatigue and corrosion failures originate at the surface of a spring. Our B-Blast Shot Peening process increases stress compression on the surface of our springs. Massively reducing surface fatigue failure. B-Blast Shot Peening is beneficial in increasing resistance to fatigue failures, corrosion fatigue, and stress corrosion cracking, meaning a much more responsive, longer lasting, and durable Titanium spring! – Spring Time


The Kronos TI spring’s are available to fit the full range of shocks out there including BOS, Elka, Cane Creek, DSP, Fox, Manitou, Marzocchi, Progressive, X-Fusion, Rock Shox Vivid, Avalanche, Romic. They have stroke options for shocks to fit 2.00″ 2.25″ 2.50″ 2.75″ 3.00″ and 3.50″

Prices vary on model and length but start at $211.11 at http://www.springtime.vg/

, Spring Time – Kronos ICHU Titanium Spring For Your Bike

Kronos Ti Spring

You can learn more about the Spring Time Kronos Titanium spring at http://www.springtime.vg/ where they’ve got a lot of additional details and ordering opportunities.

Spring Time also will be delivering FOX Specific TI springs around August 1st, 2013.  Spring Time will be making springs specifically to the FOX dimensions. These specialized springs will match FOX-specific printed settings (2.5″, 2.8″ and 3.25″) for all FOX coil shock models from around the year 2007 to now as well.

People who want can come check out the Kronos, and the new sizes at Interbike this year, where Spring Time and DSP will be exhibiting together.


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