Enduro World Series – EWS #2 Nicolas Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley take Val d’Allos

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, Enduro World Series – EWS #2 Nicolas Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley take Val d’Allos

Enduro World Series #2

The second stop of the Enduro World Series has finished at Val d’Allos. With a different format and reduced training on some major descents, things were shaken up quite a bit at EWS#2. Check out the videos and more inside from the event so far.

Video: DirtTV Val d’Allos

Video:Coupe de France Enduro Séries #2 Val d’Allos from Variable-Visual

, Enduro World Series – EWS #2 Nicolas Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley take Val d’Allos

The Santa Cruz Syndicate riders had a great time and solid results at the second event of the Enduro World Series held in Val d’Allos, France, the birthplace of enduro. They had consistent runs over the six timed descents with Greg Minnaar taking a win in stage six by 3.8 seconds and he narrowly missed a stage win on a fifteen minute descent to Jerome Clementz by just .16. Steve Peat placed 9th overall and Josh Bryceland 11th.

, Enduro World Series – EWS #2 Nicolas Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley take Val d’Allos


Everyone enjoyed this format where there was chair lift access and a practice run to learn the track before each timed run. Adding to the excitement of enduro racing was the schedule that allowed approximately 30-45 minutes for mechanical adjustments to be made. Depending on the equipment carnage, some exchanges were action packed!

, Enduro World Series – EWS #2 Nicolas Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley take Val d’Allos


Taking a 3rd place spot on the podium on Saturday with Nico Vouilloz and Jared Graves, Minnaar held his position through to the end on Sunday with these two legendary riders. Greg says, “What a fun, relaxed weekend we had. The enduro was more physical on the bike than downhill, but mentally less taxing. I had just as much fun at the enduro in Punta Ala. The quality of riding at both enduros has been outstanding, and yet both so different to each other. This race format at Val d’Allos allowed me to be a bit more competitive. I did a lot of work on the Bronson on Friday and Saturday and with help from Fox I got my Bronson set up how an enduro bike should be. The highlight was definitely winning the final stage and to be on the box after two days of racing. I really have to thank Super Marshy and Sessy. He really helped me with the bike set up and she took care of my nutritional needs.”

They will be back racing the final round in Finale Ligure in October after the world cup season ends.

photos below: Matt Wragg
11pm GMT, June 30, 2013, Edinburgh, UK – “Battle” does not begin to describe the weekend’s epic racing at Val d’Allos, France, that ultimately saw Nico Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley win after an all killer no filler 6 stage course and exhilarating showdown between the world’s top riders.

Following the First Enduro World Series at Punta Ala, racers were excited to test their luck again this past weekend.

The birthplace of enduro treated over 300 riders to distractedly gorgeous scenery, chairlift supported liaison stages, and 6 timed sections that, in addition to 5 practice runs, yielded 11,000 meters of technical, challenging and physical descent.

vg mediastudio EWS#2 video:

Dropping 1000 meters from the 2500m summit for each stage meant altitude played a factor for riders. Coming off his victory in Round 1 of the Enduro World Series, Fabien Barel commented that within two corners from the start of the first stage in Val d’Allos, he was already out of air due to a flat tire.

Dirt TV has been covering the race with some rider interviews and more. Check out their work so far.

Val D’allos Enduro World Series Round 2 Rider Tech

Dirt TV: Ben Cruz crash

DirtTV: Round 2 Intro

Genepy, the locally crafted spirit, was needed by the weekend’s conclusion, as riders celebrated and commiserated over crashes and punctures that left the podium wide open. Race favourite, and leader at the time, Jerome Clementz (Cannondale OverMountain) suffered a puncture in stage 3, as did Fabien Barel (Team Canyon) and Dan Atherton (GT Factory Racing). Other top contenders, including Ben Cruz (Cannondale OverMountain) and Josh Carlson (Team Giant Factory Racing) had crashes that put them out of the race. Jared Graves and Anneke Beerten both crashed twice in the long fourth and fifth stages, but managed to hold on to their positions on the podium.

, Enduro World Series – EWS #2 Nicolas Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley take Val d’Allos

EWS #2

In the end, consistency favoured Tracy Moseley (Trek Factory Racing), the winner from Punta Ala, in the women’s race, ahead of Cecile Ravanel and Anneke Beerten. Moseley now holds the Overall Series Lead.

, Enduro World Series – EWS #2 Nicolas Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley take Val d’Allos

Tracy Moseley

Nicolas Vouilloz won the men’s contest at Val d’Allos, with Jared Graves hard on his tail and downhill World Champion Greg Minnaar stepping up to the podium with a 3rd place finish.

Graves takes the Overall Series Lead from Fabien Barel who will need to push in future events to regain his place. Series favourite, Jerome Clementz was on damage control for his series standings after suffering the puncture.

Martin Maes (GT Factory Racing), the young phenom from Belgium, retained his commanding lead in the Junior division, despite a crash on the first stage, and a 30 second time penalty for course cutting on stage 1.

Taking the top 3 results from team riders in any division puts Trek Factory Racing in the Team Series Lead with 1820 points. With less than 10 seconds between the top male riders after 2 days, 6 stages, 11,000 meters of descending and an hour on the clock, it was sheer grit that dominated.

The complete Val d’Allos results can be seen here.

Says Enduro World Series Managing Director, Chris Ball, “The one run, limited practice format definitely evened things out between experienced locals and the first timers like Graves, Wildhaber and Minnaar. The times were just incredibly tight. Even on stages that were over 15 minutes long, the riders were within a second of each other. It was savage, intense racing. I personally can’t believe just how close it was.”

, Enduro World Series – EWS #2 Nicolas Vouilloz and Tracy Moseley take Val d’Allos

EWS #2

From the birthplace of enduro, the Enduro World Series stays in France for the next round, moving on to the gravity playground of Crankworx Les Deux Alpes, July 6-7, where the battlefield will be refreshed with a 4 stage course, incorporating the mountain bike park.



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