Video: Nicolas Vouilloz – SRAM

5/14/2013 : sicklines

, Video: Nicolas Vouilloz – SRAM

We’re a big fan of Nicolas Vouilloz at SickLines and you can see why in the breathtaking video inside by SRAM. With the Enduro World Series kicking things off this weekend, we’re anxious to see how the Alien can do!


After 10 Downhill World Champion titles and 5 overall World Cup wins, Nicolas Vouilloz still wants to be and feel fast. While racing DH, he was known for his unconventional and extreme equipment choices. As Nico gets ready for the first Enduro World Series season, he has to consider how his bike will be set up. Enduro is a discipline where racing is spread over an entire day, with many stages and kilometers of riding. Because of these differences the days of ridiculously low spoke tension and extreme suspension setups are gone. Nico makes choices based on a balance of factors: weight, efficiency and durability. These choices allow Nico to be his fastest and a true pleasure to witness riding.

Nico is a rally car racing champion on top of being the most successful male mountain biker of all times. Nico now embarks on the next phase of his competitive life. This time, in the pursuit of balance.

You can read more about his recent voyage that SRAM has put together.


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