Video: 2013 Mavic Notch Helmet

5/7/2013 : sicklines
, Video: 2013 Mavic Notch Helmet

Notch - Trail Helmet

Mavic is well known for creating quality wheels and rims. They’ve expanded their product lineup even further this year with the Notch lineup. Learn more about the Notch helmet offering inside.

, Video: 2013 Mavic Notch Helmet


Video: Notch Helmet

It is available in S, M, and L sizes. Three color options are available. For riders looking for more coverage out of their helmet this helmet fits the bill nicely. The rear of the Notch extends downward a good bit on the back of the head for good protection.

, Video: 2013 Mavic Notch Helmet

Notch - Vents and good lower coverage

Mavic’s ‘Ergo Hold’ system that lets you snug the helmet up nicely as well. Watch the video above to learn more about the helmet. MSRP is $110

, Video: 2013 Mavic Notch Helmet

Notch - adjustments are easy and quick with the Ergo Hold

In addition to the Notch helmet, Mavic also has a Notch clothing options as well. The styling is not too bold or brash and the lineup has a nice feel and finish to it that helps vent, dry, and breathe while in use. We’ve been riding the Notch products for a short while as well and have been pretty impressed. The one caveat being that the long sleeve in our opinion is too long in the sleeve.

, Video: 2013 Mavic Notch Helmet

Notch clothing

The shorts have a nice fit and finish to them as well and even the long-ish sleeve can be overlooked easily. Aimed mostly at the Trail rider, the Notch clothing gear fits the typical styling and benefits that trail riders are after adding functionality in a relaxed form.  The shorts and jersey in general can be described as clean without any aggressive styling or patterns. At a first glance, you would be hard pressed to pick these shorts out in a crowd as cycling shorts. Be sure to check out the Notch range of products if you get a chance.

For those of you here that are wondering if Mavic will be have a 650b wheel offering available we’d say its a good bet you’ll see something!

More details at mavic.com


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