Video: Trek World Racing Stories // Episode #1

5/3/2013 : sicklines

Trek World Racing

Today Trek World Racing is releasing the first episode of its new video series, entitled TREK WORLD RACING STORIES. The first episode is a new beginning for the team and we catch up with Brook MacDonald, Neko Mulally and Greg Williamson as the they encounter the notoriously flat race course at the Sea Otter Classic in California.


, Video: Trek World Racing Stories // Episode #1

Brook MacDonald

Greg Williamson who is battling a virus and found himself feeling pretty weak in his race run, was happy with his 20th place. -TWR

, Video: Trek World Racing Stories // Episode #1

Greg Williamson

Brook breaks out the flat pedals, Neko impresses on his 26 inch World Cup DH Bike, the Session 9.9, and Greg is styling it up, wide eyed, and enjoying his first official race with the team. Sea Otter offers a lot more than racing as the team took time to visit with sponsors, media and also enjoy the amazing Monterey Aquarium.


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