Marzocchi 2014 – New 888 – 380 R2C2 – Roco C2R

4/23/2013 : sicklines

This the new 2014 Marzocchi lineup. The new 888 is called the 380.  Check out the new 380 as well as the new Moto C2R rear shock damper. There is a video rundown inside as well.

Slated for a release this September, the 2014 Marzocchi range of products are looking pretty impressive.


2014 Marzocchi 380 R2C2

, Marzocchi 2014 – New 888 – 380 R2C2 – Roco C2R

2014 Marzocchi 380 R2C2

  • 38mm stanchions
  • They’ve revised the lowers to provide better rigidity and lighter weight. They’ve revamped it entirely and its also got a new arch.
  • It fits 26″ and 27.5″ wheels. Additionally different crown offsets will be available to tailor fit. The pinch bolts have a new shape and the new axle is tapered. Weight was saved here as well as the ability to screw the axle in with only one allen key.
  • A new SKF seal setup
  • New hydraulic internals.
  • Low Speed and high speed comp adjuster
  • Low Speed and high speed rebound adjusters on the bottom
  • The fork cartridge is new to the mountain bike arena but is familiar in the moto industry. They’re calling it a dynamic bleed cartridge. You can unscrew the compression stack and adjust it without unmounting the fork from the bike or oil bleeding.
  • They are using a titanium spring (with a mechanical preload)
  • Weight is claimed at 2790g / 6.2lbs

2014 marzocchi Moto C2R

, Marzocchi 2014 – New 888 – 380 R2C2 – Roco C2R

Marzocchi Moto C2R

  • Low speed and high speed compression adjust
  • and low speed rebound adjuster
  • Available in two versions – one with volume adjust on the piggy back
  • you can unscrew the compression stack easily with this design for any custom tuning.
  • shaft of the shock has been increased to 14mm
  • locking lock-ring
  • ability to remove spring without removing the rebound knob
  • lightweight at a claimed weight of 365g (damper only)
  • rubbber protection on the body to protect the shock
  • hard ano on the piggyback and main body


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