Cane Creek & Specialized Chat Rewinded

3/11/2013 : sicklines

If you missed out on the live chat last week, Cane Creek invited Specialized’s Jason Chamberlain and Brandon Sloan for a live chat with their customers on the internet.

The format was pretty simple and attendees submitted questions online to be answered from Cane Creek / Specialized.

Cane Creek recently announced their new high volume (XV) Double Barrel Air sleeve that has recieved a good amount of attention. Specialized also just announced their 29″ Enduro bike that has some of the shortest chainstays we’ve seen on a 29er.   Most of the questions seemed to focus around their new 29″ Enduro bike, Specialized tires, and when bikes would be coming.

, Cane Creek & Specialized Chat Rewinded

2013 Enduro 29er

A few excerpts from the hour long conversation can be read below.

, Cane Creek & Specialized Chat Rewinded

Q: How does the new Enduro 29 with its longer travel platform and taller fork compare to the 26″ version on the trail? Does the revised Enduro 29 front derailleur mount affect ISCG-05 tabs / guide usage in any way?

Jason Chamberlain:
The Enduro 29 features all the traction and roll over benefits that big wheel riders love. The 26 retains the quick, playful nature of the smaller wheels.
The “taco blade” front derailleur is fully compatible with ISCG05.

Q: Will there a small size in Enduro29?
Jason Chamberlain: No, there will not be a size small Enduro 29 offered. With the long wheel travel, you simply can’t slam the seat as low as a small rider would want before the tire hits the saddle.

Q: What bikes are you currently riding with Cane Creek Double Barrels?
[email protected]ecialized: We have DBs and DB Airs on Demos, Enduros, Status bikes, Enduro EVO, and even a Stumpy FSR for some interesting testing.

Q:Do you see the taco blade / shorter chainstay paradigm trickling down to bikes with less travel than the new enduro29?

Jason Chamberlain: Yes, on bikes that have space constraints, the taco blade is a great solution.

Q: Will Spec be rolling out any 650b bikes?
[email protected] 650b is much closer to 26″ than 29″, many think that it is right in the middle though. We like 29, if you are going to go big, might as well go all the way if you can build them right! This E29 is ridiculously fun to ride so we didn’t need a 650 option right now. We are always paying attention to what is going on out there on the trails though…

Q:Jason Chamberlain, Who would in a cage match between you and Dave Weagle?

[email protected]: Oh man, the show down!! The Czar of FSR is calm and cool in the office but I suspect that if you cage this beast Weagle wouldn’t stand a chance! Hahaha!

Q:Is gwin happy with the Hill-spec’d Demo?

Jason Chamberlain: Gwin was immediately comfortable on the stock Demo. Of course we will make tweaks if he likes.

Video: Jason Chamberlain talks about the 2013 Demo

Q:Will there be a legacy option to fit a CCDB air or coil to the 2010-2012 Enduro? The people demand it! 😉

Cane Creek: Martin, this is something that we are looking into. We are still gauging the interest to do the custom parts required.

Q: One of the highlights with the new Enduro29 is the internal route command post. Is the current 2013 Enduro26 able to accept an internally routed post?

Jason Chamberlain: The 2013 Enduro is not compatible with IR.

Q: Weight wise, what is the penalty of the Enduro 29 vs and Enduro 26? Do you know what bike Anneke & Curtis plan on riding this season?
Jason Chamberlain: The weight difference between 26 and 29 is about 1.4 lbs. Anneke and Curtis are both running 29.

Q: Hey Jason, Malcom here (Cane Creek). Back in our training days when you lived here in Asheville who’s mullet was sexier yours or mine?
[email protected]: Malcolm had me handled in all aspects

Q: when is the sasquatch signature edition coming out?
[email protected]: Legally, we have to have his John Hancock for the frame… we haven’t nailed him down for this yet, stay tuned

Q: Generally do you find the proper spring rate for a DB coil to be lower than those used/needed for other brand coil shocks?
Jason Chamberlain: It depends on the platform, rider, etc. Often the springs are the same as other brands but somtimes 50lbs heavier as well.

Q: Why no XL s-works enduro 26″? I’m 6’5″ and pretty bummed that I won’t be riding one this year
[email protected]: Ride an E29, you won’t be disappointed!!

Q: Why isn’t the S-works version Enduro 29 available in the US?
[email protected]: The USA market had a buying strategy that went awry. They are working on getting some, keep your fingers crossed. Or fly to Germany.

Q: For my SWorks, other than the reccomended settings that came on the tag, are there any base tunes or tuning tips that you guys have found to be popular on that bike? There is no “base tune” for the Sworks on the Cane Creek Lounge site, just the EVO

Cane Creek Holly
– you can grab the base tune on our website: http://www.canecreek.com/products/suspension/db-air/base-tunes and fine tune your S-Works using our Tuning Field Guide http://www.canecreek.com/resources/products/suspension/double-barrel/DB_Field_guide.pdf.

Q: When are you going to come out with a rear tire in the SX compound to complement the Butcher SX? What would you recommend right now?
[email protected]: Try a Butcher SX in rear, it’s crazy fun! Did you have another tread in mind?

Q: Will we be able to demo the Enduro 29 in the US?
[email protected]: There will be several Expert Carbon 29s in the Test the Best programs in the coming months, so yes.

Q: Are the Aluminum Enduro Comp 29s available in the US now?

[email protected]:
They will be available at the end of the month/early April

Q: Will there be Demo Enduro 29’s at Sea Otter?
Jason Chamberlain: Yes.

Q: Speaking of tires, I was getting way too many cuts and punctures in the Purgatory SWorks and found out about Specialized’s 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, my shop is replacing with a Control version, very happy about the replacement policy, THANKS!

[email protected]: Very cool, glad they took care of you!

Q: Is it true that frames are designed around an optimal front chain ring size for pedalling? If so what is this size on the new enduro and the old one as XX1 is very different to normal front tooth numbers?

Jason Chamberlain: The FSR is effective over a wider range of gears than a single pivot design. We optimize it over the range of gears it will most likely be spec’d with.

Q: Any idea when the S-Works E29 will be available in the states? Will it be sold as frame only?
[email protected]: They are working on bringing some in, potentially (no promises) in April/May. For sure by June though. And yes, there will be framesets.

Q: Where do you see the future of MTB development heading? Do you think internal electronic gearing will have race potential in the near future?

Jason Chamberlain: No. Internal gearing of any sort is very far off from matching the performance of the much maligned derailleur transmission.

Q: Brandon, I saw you riding a Zerode in whistler. Do you guys ever plan on offering a similar / gearbox bike?

[email protected]: We are always testing and trying out new ideas. The Zerode was pretty interesting/different… that is a whole other undertaking.

, Cane Creek & Specialized Chat Rewinded

Josh C. holding the new Double Barrel Air

Q: Cane Creek – Have you ever tested / benchmarked the shaft treatments on the DBA vs Kashima / RockShox? How does it compare?

CaneCreekJosh: We are always exploring technologies that improve Double Barrel function, so in that sense we are also exploring coatings. From our testing, our current coating technology (I guess we should name it) performs exactly as it should. We are not willing to weight form over function at our customer’s expense. That is to say, sometimes the engineers actually win the battle with marketing at Cane Creek.

, Cane Creek & Specialized Chat Rewinded

Cane Creek - Dyno

Q: How did you have to pay Gwin?
[email protected]: He likes gluten-free chocolate chip cookies…

Q: Will Specialized ever move away from the Horst Link design or is it here to stay?
Jason Chamberlain: We are always looking for improved systems. We will move if/when we come up with something better.

Q: I’m looking at getting a new Stumpjumper FSR Evo but I can’t decide between 26 and 29. I’ve ridden 26’s all my life, is it really worth it to make the jump to 29?

Jason Chamberlain: Only you can answer that. Test ride them both. I can tell you that most people are preferring the 29.

Q: Would you estimate at some point carbon frame cost will come close to that of the same frame design in Aluminum?

Jason Chamberlain: The price of carbon comes down all the time, especially from the large companies with purchasing power. However it will never match alloy prices due to the raw material and labor involved.

Q: The new Roval hookless-bead tubeless system sounds a little scary on an aggressive Enduro Bike. When set up tubeless and hammering through rocky terrain is this justified? Do you have to run more air pressure then normal to keep the tire on for hard hits?

[email protected]: You are right, it sounds scary… but it works. We tested both with very high [ressures (called a blow-off test) that tests how high we can run the pressure before the tire blows off the rim. With the hookless design, we were well over 120psi before the rim failed… but the tire never blew off. At low pressures, it’s no different than a regualr tire, it will still come off if you get crazy low (like in the teens); the nice thing is that it’s easier to reseat that a regular rim. Above all else, the design is stronger because the fibers are continuous with no interuptions; we have been testing for months and months with no impact failures. They are strong!

Q: What’s your preferred rear tire for enduro racing in the Western US? Something that rolls fast, grippy, but holds up to the rocks…

[email protected]: The Ground Control in Control casing. 2.3″

Q: What makes you guys prefer the Ground Control over the Purgatory on the rear, why spec the Purgatory then? Any psi recommendations that people like running those tires set up tubless on the 26 Sworks? I’ve always run my tires around 28, scared to go lower

[email protected]: The GC rolls faster, the Purg has the grip advantage… just depends on your style and terrain (and weather). I run 28psi in the rear, plenty low for my 155 pounds.

Q: How would you compare the GC to the Captain in the Control casing as a rear tire?

[email protected]: Similar grip, the GC is faster rolling though, that’s why we made the switch.

Q: Brandon/Jason: Where did you get your education and what was it in? Any other interesting jobs you’ve had?

Jason Chamberlain: I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines. My first job right out of school was designing o-rings. Only lasted a month.

Q: With the release of the E29, any plans from Spec to offer some beefier front tires (>2.3″) for 29ers?

[email protected]: We are looking at some options… that is a big honkin tire though!

Q: If you purchase an Enduro Comp or Expert and would like to upgrade the rear shock do you need to special order from Specialized or the Shock Vendor directly like Cane Creek? Also can you get a Monarch Plus that fits, I see team riders with these on theirs.

Cane Creek Holly – you can purchase that directly from Cane Creek – email [email protected]

Q:Were there any features that you struggled to/were unable to accommodate in the Enduro29? What were your major design headaches when tacklin the project?

Jason Chamberlain: Squeezing in the rear tire while maintaining our desired geo and performance was very tough. That is where the taco blade design came from.

Q: Concerning the al Enduros that will become available in April; how many of them are already spoken for, roughly speaking? And what’s the next stock window estimate?

[email protected]: You’ll have to check with your local shop, I don’t have great visibility of that level. Word on the street is that they will be tough to get…

Q: Any plans to work with RockShox for the front fork in 2014?

[email protected]: Prototype RockShox… we will see how it goes

Q: How did you get on with the BOS Devilles that were on one of the development bikes?

[email protected]: Pretty amazing fork, hats off to those guys

Q: Any chance on getting future non-Sworks carbon Epics with a non-Brain fork?

[email protected]: All the forks are cartridges, you could drop in a regualr damper. Having issues?

Q:What should i set my vivid air at on my demo. Im 160lbs

Jason Chamberlain: You should set it on the workbench 🙂

Q: There’s been a lot of debate around the Enduros being equipped with 15mm Fox 34’s instead of 20mm Lyriks. I find this very odd since you’ve increased the travel to 165, and even some Stumpy models are equipped with 20mm Revelations. How come you chose the Fox 34 in favor for the more descend-friendly 160mm Lyrik?

[email protected]: The Lyrik is a nice fork for sure but heavier and there is a point where the bigger forks are not necessarily better… they get very stiff and for most riders that means they won’t track as well. For certain riders, absolutely this would be good. But we like the balance of the weight and stiffness of the FOX 15mm.

Q: What bikes do you have in your personal stables? Any none Specialized bikes? like a fat bike for example.

Jason Chamberlain: Yes, I have a Fatbike. And I paid retail for it.

Q: Which do you recommend for sheilding impacts from rocks – bash ring or taco? Which will stress the frame less?

Jason Chamberlain: A bash ring protects your ISCG tabs better than a taco, but we really haven’t found it to be an issue with either design. You can destroy anything if you hit it hard enough

Q: My wife is a little over 5’5″ tall and currently rides a 26″ Stumpy. It’s time for an upgrade, what are your thoughts on shorter people on 29ers? I was thinking 27.5 would be good for her based on height. She likes to shred down hill as much as possible as well.

[email protected]: We have a woman in the building at 5 feet even on 29ers. We really focus on the geo to make sure the vertically challenged get the best bikes as well. Keep your eyes peeled this month for something for your wife on the trails 🙂

Q: I work at a Specialized dealer and I was surprised when I found out that there would be no 26″ full-suspension bikes in a 21″ size for 2013. Was that purely a reflection on 2012 sales?

Jason Chamberlain: We think XL riders are better served on 29.

Q: Any updates on the P3 Slope? Availability?

[email protected]: Mid April… they are in production right now!!!

Q: I noticed a little lever on CCDB-air’s low speed compression adjuster on the Enduro prototype. Great idea & will it be available to public?

Jason Chamberlain: That is a Specialized only feature on all CCDB Air shocks.

Q: Cane Creek folks, I’ve heard mixed reviews on the DB Air on the Carbon Nomad, will the new Large Volume air can help it perform as good as it does on other bikes?

Jason Chamberlain: The problem isn’t the DB Air. Try an Enduro 🙂

Q: What makes a 29 more suitable for larger riders? Are you talking about uphill or downhill specifically or just in general? Im 6’4″ and have thought about getting the E29 but I want something suitable for Bike parks as well. Will this do the trick?

Jason Chamberlain: In general – up and down. It will be great in bike parks.
[email protected]: Wheel size vs. height is becoming less and less the issue; more just pick what bike is best for you. E29 for the park… this is an All-Mountain bike so it depends on the park but it can handle the same abuse as an E26.

[email protected]:
The Enduro platform all-around is out of control fun. I love the E26 but the big wheels roll over rocks and what-not so well and the bike is crazy fast. Because of the tight wheelbase and rear end, the bike is still super fun and snappy. So overall, the E29 is just fast and makes up for more of my mistakes 🙂

Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?
Jason Chamberlain: You will have to ask Matt Hunter.

If you are looking to bribe the guys from Specialized, it seems that Dr. Pepper is high on their list of things they like.

, Cane Creek & Specialized Chat Rewinded

Q. What is your daily supplement routine? Have you checked out broscience?
[email protected]: I start my day with a COLD Dr. Pepper. The ones from Texas with the real sugar are the best!

Q: What’s your favourite beer?

[email protected]: Dr. Pepper

Overall the discussion was acceptable for most everyone.  It certanily had a Cane Creek / Specialized vibe.  The discussion didn’t delve into the details as much as it could have but it certainly was informative for the people who posted questions.


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