2014 Kona Operator Supreme Carbon Fiber Prototype

2/21/2013 : sicklines

Connor Fearon received a new prototype from Kona recently that will be turning heads this season. Kona has given this lucky lad a prototype carbon fiber Kona Operator Supreme downhill bike.

Our friends at Revolution got a first peek at the bike and we have to say it looks tidy in the pictures so far. The front triangle is carbon fiber, while the rear triangle is aluminum.

, 2014 Kona Operator Supreme Carbon Fiber Prototype

Connor Fearon - Prototype Kona Carbon Fiber Operator

While the rear triangle is aluminum, they were told that it has been redesigned a bit so its not an off the shelf current Kona Operator rear triangle. Currently this is 1 of 3 and we’re curious to see how this works out for young Connor Fearon as he takes on the World Cup Circuit this year.  Will we see this available in 2014 to the public?  We’ll have to wait and see.

There’s a number of things to take note of on Connor’s prototype bike. The Vivid shock, integrated fork bumpers, a wide pressfit style bottom bracket, and much more.

Read more about the prototype at Revolution magazine.


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