Nukeproof Scalp Comp – Downhill Mountain Bike Review

12/12/2012 : sicklines
, Nukeproof Scalp Comp – Downhill Mountain Bike Review

Nuke Proof Scalp

In an age where its hard to find a budget downhill bike, the Nukeproof Scalp brings another great option for riders who are looking for a good value.  The Nuke Proof Scalp has proven itself in the race scene and many riders have enjoyed its performance so far.  Check back tomorrow for a short review on the Nuke Proof Scalp Comp.

When you consider all the bikes out there that most manufacturers offer, the cost of entry is not cheap.  A lot of manufactures offer a lower end trim bike like Nukeproof who offered the Scalp Pro and the Scalp Comp last year.


Fanatik Bike has got a variety of Nukeproof bikes on sale, including some Scalps that start at only $1,399.

With the introduction of the Nukeproof Pulse into the Nukeproof range for 2013, the Scalp will still be around but in a more budget build and price.

While these top of the line bikes have a lot to offer, there typically isn’t a focus on budget downhill bikers.  Riders may be interested in getting into our sport after a demo or rental but pricing can be a limit to most people taking that next step of purchasing a bike.

[Read our review on the Scalp: 2012 Nukeproof Scalp Comp]

Many riders are often pushed to buy a used bike or rebuild a classic like the Iron Horse Sunday.  While there are many top of the line bikes to pick from like the Pivot PhoenixTurner DHR, Devinci Wilson, Specialized Demo 8,  and Banshee’s Legend there is a great amount of interest in bikes like the Nukeproof Scalp, Transition TR450, Specialized Status, YT Tues, and Kona Operator as they allow riders to spend less money on their bikes which leaves more money left over for lift tickets, trips, and other accessories.

Specialized Status

YT Tues

Kona Operator


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