Review: Pearly’s Possum Socks

11/29/2012 : sicklines

Socks aren’t typically the most interesting things to talk about but these deserve some attention given the time of year and their comfort.

If there’s one thing I typically don’t like to shop for, its socks. Typically I don’t like to read about them either but these socks aren’t your run of the mill athletic or wool sock.

At an MSRP of $58.00, these socks aren’t cheap. Thankfully if you enter in the code sicklines when you check out, you can get 25% off!

So what makes these socks so special?  Pearly’s describes their socks:

Pearly’s Possum Socks are the finest bicycling socks in the world. There is no other sock that combines the incredible feel of merino wool with the silky warmth of possum fur. These socks cuddle your feet in comfort for long… The New Zealand Possum fur are hollow tubes the same as Polar bear fur. The tubular structure creates air gaps and breathe well. We weave the best quality merino wool and possum fur together into yarn and it is that yarn that makes them so comfortable. They breath better, feel great, are warm and they don’t retain odor so you can wear them for many days in a row.

Available in 3 sizes (S / M / L) these are some really warm socks that work well in the cold as well as for general usage.  With some winter socks, they can make your feet sweat a lot but somehow the Pearly’s haven’t had such an effect in our usage with them.  They are somehow able to keep your feet snug without suffocating them to sweat.  This is quite important if you’re doing any activity in the cold.

, Review: Pearly’s Possum Socks

Pearly's Possum Socks

Construction wise the Pearly’s are made up of 45% Merino wool that gives them itch free comfort. If you’ve worn other winter socks you know this can be quite annoying, especially in a sock for cycling. Another 40% of the sock is made up with Possum fibers. These are designed to keep your feet warm and help keep them lightweight. The remaining percentages are made up of Nylon/Lycra and Isofill.

The socks have a arch support and a nylon heal. The socks don’t fit as tight as a traditional cycling sock but they do compress a good bit to provide a secure fit without flopping around.

, Review: Pearly’s Possum Socks


In comparison to a traditional cycling sock, the Pearly’s are certainly a little bit thicker in a few areas but they’re not overly thick that that we had any issues with using them in a variety of cycling shoes.

, Review: Pearly’s Possum Socks


The socks only come in one style and height so unfortunately if you’re looking for a very tall sock these won’t fit the bill. Color and logo-ing are also only available in one model so variety isn’t high with Pearly’s if you’re looking for something different from what you see here.

The socks have been great around the house as well and can easily get more usage than a cycling-only exclusive sock. With usage we found they can pill up a little bit (the sock material on the socks can create small fuzzy balls on the sock). There also was a variety of side benefits to the Pearly’s that cyclist will dig. They don’t stink up quite as quickly as traditional socks, are easy to wash, and they’re great in a variety of temperatures as well, not just cold weather. The proof is in the pudding, so try a set out if you get a chance. Beware though if you have a significant other that tries these socks out as you may never see them again!

Be sure to use the 25% off coupon (sicklines) to save yourself some cash if you do decide to try them out.


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