Four By Three: Dan Atherton

10/5/2012 : sicklines

, Four By Three: Dan Atherton

This episode of Four By Three focuses on Dan Atherton and his transition to Enduro racing. It also follows him to Alpi Bike Park in Sauze D’Oulx.

After dealing with a severe injury Dan thought that was the end of him and mountain biking for good but found a new lease in his mountain biking life with Enduro racing. Dan’s commitment to excellence won through and before long he was back on the bike and competing.

We are taken for an amazing POV ride of the Mega Avalanche Enduro race that starts at the snowy top of a mountain before heading across country and pushes Dan to his limit. These are unique shots of what it is really like to ride in an Enduro race from right in the thick of it.

Then the film heads to Italy to the Alpi Bike Park and some amazing shots of riding at it’s best in the beautiful Italian countryside.

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