Specialized P.Slope 2013

9/6/2012 : sicklines
, Specialized P.Slope 2013


For 2013, Specialized has a new Slopestyle bike that Darren Berrecloth and Martin Soderstrom have been competing on. The bike is called the P.Slope and you can check out more details of the bike inside along with a video of Darren talking about the new bike.

Video: P.Slope with Darren Berrecloth

, Specialized P.Slope 2013


The new full suspension P.Slope is a new offering from Specialized for 2013. The frame utilizes a concentric pivot at the bottom bracket and Specialized’s riders Darren and Martin have been important in its development. The 84mm travel bike is designed for Slopestyle but can do quite a bit more than just that specific duty. The P.Slope can work in bike parks, 4x, slalom, dirt jumping and more. With the planned pricing structure, the P.Slope should make a lot of groms happy to add this bike to their lineup. Pricing has been solidified yet but Specialized has plans of offering the P-Slope frameset for around $1000 and complete around $2,000.

The P-Slope comes in one size and has the ability to run gears or single speed, has ISCG-05 tabs, and utilizes a press in top cup so you can install a hydraulic Gyro.

, Specialized P.Slope 2013

Hydraulic Gyro compatible

The design is a low leverage one so riders like Darren & Martin have their setup in the 130-170psi range, which is considerably less PSI than they’ve ran previously on the SX. This adjustability can let you have a hardtail feeling ride, or a softer ride quite easily. It’s important to note that the P-Slope doesn’t replace the SX, but is an all new bike.

, Specialized P.Slope 2013

Singlespeed setup

, Specialized P.Slope 2013

shock - Monarch RT3

The concetric pivot around the bottom bracket is designed for PF330 style cranks, but can also work with most other bottom bracket standards (bmx & thread in) just as easily with adapters which is nice to see.

, Specialized P.Slope 2013

Concentric pivot

There will be a few final tweaks to the P-Slope before it makes its way on the shelves in October such as modifying the seat angle slightly and adjusting the top tube length.

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