Gamut USA – GREGMINNAAR27 Signature Chain Device

8/1/2012 : sicklines

, Gamut USA – GREGMINNAAR27 Signature Chain Device

Gamut is excited to announce the release of the GREGMINNAAR27, a limited-edition signature chain device celebrating the many World Cup victories and countless podiums Greg has earned over the years.

“This is my 5th season riding for the boys at Gamut and I look forward to many more,” Greg said. “I love the brand and what we’ve accomplished together. They are small but play a big role in supporting their riders on the World Cup. To do a custom guide with them on the eve of their new line being released is pretty special to me.”

If you’re not familiar with Gamut’s new guides, check out the video below we shot during Sea Otter that runs through the details

As part of the launch, Greg and Gamut filmed a profile video shoot on the streets of San Francisco. “It was cool to shoot something different
than what we are used to in mtb,” Greg said. “Even if it meant running from the cops a few times.”

Minnaar -Gamut Promo Video

“We got together with Greg in 2008. He was the first big-time rider running Gamut when we were just 4 guys in our parents’ garage trying to make a product people in mtb would appreciate,” said Mateo Graziosi, co-founder of Gamut. “Greg’s feedback played a big role in helping us develop our new line and to put his name on the box for all his fans and riders of Gamut means a lot to us.”

, Gamut USA – GREGMINNAAR27 Signature Chain Device

The custom Gamut P30 chain-device has a Minnaar-branded bash guard, a signed poster and a slice of his kit as a souvenir for fans.



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