crankbrothers Kronolog 2012 Adjustable Seat Post

3/5/2012 : sicklines

Today crankbrothers announces a new adjustable seat post called the Kronolog.

, crankbrothers Kronolog 2012 Adjustable Seat Post

“Since crankbrothers has been in the adjustable seatpost category for nearly five years, we have learned a lot about what works. With that knowledge, we decided it was time for a better approach. With a fresh set of eyes, we designed a post that we believe in. It is technical, durable, and beautiful. Introducing the kronolog.

The mechanical design of the kronolog allows for very accurate, precise movement. It has 5-inches of travel, and is the only mechanical post that is infinitely adjustable. It is even possible to reduce the travel of the kronolog in 20mm increments simply by adding a spacer. Although if functions mechanically, the kronolog feels hydraulic. It is smooth, supple, and quiet. Air spring technology lets you adjust the preload and return speed simply with air using a standard shock pump, and air damping allows the saddle to return to a normal riding position in two, smooth stages.

The kronolog has a unique keying system between the quill and shaft that virtually eliminates rotational play. It also locks into position both upward and downward. Improved cable routing means that the cable will not interfere with your riding – the cable routes from the post’s stationary body, so when the post moves up and down, the cable does not move.

The kronolog seatpost is a very simple design with a limited number of functioning parts. Fewer parts means fewer failures. The kronolog passes 2.7 times EN fatigue testing, making it twice as strong as other adjustable posts on the market. The kronolog offers more travel, durability, and robustness, all at about 50g less than the previous crankbrothers adjustable post. It is stronger and lighter. The kronolog sets a new standard for adjustable seatposts.” – Crankbrothers

post length 405mm


465g + 28g (30.9mm + remote*)
477g + 28g (31.6mm + remote*)

adjustment range 125mm / 5in

adjustment type standard shift cable


  • 30.9mm and 31.6mm

standard colors

  • black & red, black & black

color kits clamp & lever color kits

  • available in gold, blue, orange
  • (sold separately)

warranty 2 years with proper maintenance


  • $300 / €300

Learn more at crankbrothers.com


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