ENVE Releases 2012 Carbon DH Rim To The Public

2/17/2012 : sicklines

It was only a matter of time before carbon fiber worked its way into aftermarket downhill rims.  With help from the Santa Cruz Syndicate, ENVE is now ready to release their downhill rim to the public.  The price isn’t cheap but what were you expecting!

Carbon Fiber is the emerging frontier of sorts for mountain bikes now and ENVE knows a thing or two about carbon fiber.  They’ve released their DH rim for public consumption and they are confident in its ability to hold up.  MSRP will run you a cool $999.00 per rim.

, ENVE Releases 2012 Carbon DH Rim To The Public

ENVE DH rim (click to enlarge)

Internal width is 21mm on these rims and weigh in at a scant 475g (claimed weight).  While this isn’t a number that is too staggering when you consider Stans has an alloy rim (ZTR Flow) at a similar weight, ENVE’s use of carbon fiber is the real buying point.

, ENVE Releases 2012 Carbon DH Rim To The Public

Enve DH Front Wheel (click to enlarge)

ENVE broke down the benefits they saw on their website as:

DH specific 100% uni-direction carbon fiber construction provides:

  • -Unprecedented tracking and cornering performance
  • -Sizeable weight savings over DH specific alloy rims, most  DH specific alloy rims weigh between 580-660 grams
  • -Improved stiffness over DH specific alloy rims

Proprietary Toughened Resin System:

  • -Guarantees superior strength and impact resistance when
  • compared to much heavier alloy rims
  • -Dampens trail feedback

ENVE Patented Molded Spoke Hole Technology:

  • -Virtually maintenance free wheel builds
  • -Stronger spoke holes allow for higher spoke tensions

According to ENVE,

“In 2011 when Steve Peat used the same set of race wheels all year, we figured the rims were ready. So here we are, after nearly two years on the world’s harshest courses under the world’s best riders, we are ready to offer this factory race technology to the world.”

Curious to see how these ENVE Carbon DH wheels hold up in the public sphere but time will tell!

See more info or place your order for a rim or wheelset on ENVE’s website

, ENVE Releases 2012 Carbon DH Rim To The Public

ENVE DH Wheelset (click to enlarge)

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